Heartland Season 13 Fan Extras Day Update!

Posted on Jul 11, 2019

***UPDATE*** The response has been overwhelming!  We are no longer accepting new requests and those accepted will be notified soon.  Thank you! 

Hey Heartland fans!  It's been two days since we announced the Fan Extras Day in this blog and the requests to be a part of it have been pouring in.  So many people have been putting their name in that we are having trouble keeping up with all of the applications. That said, we can still make room for you.  This is your chance to be on Heartland and to get a glimpse of production in-person with hundreds of other fans. 

If you haven't signed up but will be in the Calgary area next Wednesday, and want to take part, we will have the form open until Friday, July 12 at 10AM ET / 8AM (Calgary).  

Check out the original blog with all of the details»

Be sure to read all of the information as there are details about timing and eligibility.  Here is a direct link to the form to enter your name as a potential participant: https://forms.gle/tyDDbTQFrkzNZ3TZ6

Good luck and we hope to see you there!