Heartland Season 12 Production is on Hiatus

Posted on Aug 2, 2018

Filming has halted on Heartland season 12 as the cast and crew are on a well-deserved hiatus. Things will spin-up again next Tuesday but, in the meantime, here are a selection of images taken on and around the various sets of Heartland over the past few weeks. All except one, and there's a Throwback Thursday story to be told about why it has been included with these production images.

A few of the 18 photographs below have been included in the many tweets covering the first half of season 12's production period, but most of them have not been seen before. They were taken at the Studio, at Maggie's Diner, at the Ranch set and at the Dude Ranch. A few of the things not often seen is the blackboard on the outside of the Diner, the Bison's head inside the Diner, and a breakfast menu board which was taken last week; it is located on the catering truck.

As for the 19th image on today's blog? That is the Throwback Thursday photo of Ty & Amy dancing in the back of Ty's truck from Season 3. This scene is one of many fans' favourite scenes in Heartland and it has been included for a reason beyond evoking a memory. The green dress Amy (Amber Marshall) is wearing in the photo has recently been put on display as part of the Heartland exhibit at the Museum of the Highwood in High River, just a block away from Maggie's Diner. If you are vacationing in Alberta and find yourself in High River please drop by the museum. Any fan of Heartland will enjoy the collection there.

The cast and crew will be back, refreshed after their break on Tuesday, and next Thursday there will be more photos and memories to delight all Heartlanders in the next Thursday edition of the blog.