Heartland Season 12 Filming is Nearly Done

Posted on Sep 20, 2018

Hey Heartland fans!  We have a bit of production news for you to kick off today's blog. Dean Bennett, Heartland's producer since season 11, donned his director's hat and was on location today to begin work on episode 1211. It was the first of an eight day filming block. This will be the last episode filmed for season 12.

In other news: We've collected some of the best photos taken during Heartland season 12 production and you can see them all a little later in the blog.

The photos below were all taken on set during this production season, and most of them have never been shared before. They have been carefully selected so as to not give any important things away from the many good stories season 12 holds, but some things you can tell from these images are the following: there will be horses, lovely Alberta scenery and the Heartland crew has been working hard to make the best possible season for you.

The shot of Ty's truck was included to reassure fans that it isn't going anywhere. Ty (Graham Wardle) and Amy (Amber Marshall) may indeed have their own vehicle so they can safely travel with their daughter, but there some things you just don't get rid of. Just ask Jack about getting rid of trucks... (Episode 702)

Last year, many fans of Heartland thoroughly enjoyed watching the series that came on right after it. This year, the second season of "Anne with an E" is remaining in the fall, and it is moving up an hour to 7:00pm/7:30NT beginning this Sunday, September 23. Head over to the official Anne with an E site for more about that.

That's all for this week, other than a reminder to everyone asking about Heartland's future airtime. Expect season 12 to premiere in early winter 2019. Once a date has been announced we can start a countdown to the premiere!

Come back next week for more photos and info on Heartland. And keep an eye on the blog for other interesting news in the near future.