Heartland Season 12 Begins In 10 Days!

Posted on Dec 27, 2018

There are only ten short days until Sunday, January 6, when season 12 of Heartland will premiere.

Heartland has had many great seasons and it's no small feat that season 12 will come along in the near future. Twelve years is a long time for a television series to be running. Some fans reading this were not even born when season 1 first premiered on CBC Television in 2007. In the very first season, Heartland introduced its audience to six characters who have been in every season, including the upcoming twelfth season. Those six are Amy (Amber Marshall), Jack (Shaun Johnston), Lou (Michelle Morgan), Ty (Graham Wardle), Tim (Chris Potter) and Lisa (Jessica Steen). You can see photos of them from the new season below, along with one of Georgie (Alisha Newton), who was introduced to the world of Heartland in season 6.

In a way, on this last Thursday blog of 2018, these photos are both a throwback, reminding everyone of the original characters of the series, and a look ahead, which is what next week's blog will be as some details about the new episode will be shared.

For years now, each and every Thursday has brought with it the weekly blog. For the past 38 weeks, the blog has included a variety of information, flashbacks, production news, hundreds of photos and more. Next week, things will be shifting gears and it will be the first time since April 5 that a NEW episode is profiled in the weekly update.

Check in next week for some photos from episode 1201 and a preview (no spoilers!) of the stories contained in the first new Heartland episode since season 11 ended.  It's going to be a very exciting season!

Until then, Happy New Year everyone!

Heartland Season 12 starts Sunday, January 6 at 7/7:30! Watch on CBC Television and stream it on CBC Gem!