Heartland Minecraft?

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

Hey Heartlanders! And particularly Heartlanders who are into a little game called Minecraft. We are doing bit of an experiment to find out if Heartland fans are interested in a way to engage with other fans in Minecraft! There is some fun stuff coming down the pipe to enjoy in the near future, while you wait until Season 10 begins.  I'll start things off with some fun Heartland Minecraft skins. If you need any help installing them, check out the Official Minecraft help for installing skins, here

Get the HEARTLAND Minecraft skin pack


UPDATE: Multiplayer Server Now Online!

I'll post more detailed instructions later, but for those who want to jump in, follow these:

How to connect:

First, you have to own Minecraft. If you don't have it and want to buy it, get it here.

Download the Technic Launcher (Trust me, it's worth it!): Get it here. Install and launch it. Search for 'Heartland' in the modpacks section.  Then install and play. It will launch a modified version of Minecraft.  The multiplayer server address is:

One BIG note: This is a work in progress.  I am excited to get all of your feedback on what we can do with it to make it more fun for Heartland fans! Find the new person running the server when you get in game - you can't miss the name and ask anything you like or make suggestions. Thanks!