Heartland Memories #40

Posted on May 3, 2016

I was a little concerned that I wouldn't get a thorough answer for last week's memory but, as always, Heartland fans show they are the best fans in the world! Ada Chadwick came in at the last minute with this post in the blog comments:

This is Season 7 Episode 16, called “The Comeback Kid”.
In this amazing episode, Lou returns from her Book Tour and everyone is being driven crazy by her unusual bad and controlling mood. Lou is disappointed about the Book Tour and feels left out and unwanted when no-one wants her help. Tim gets frustrated at Ty for delaying in fixing his truck, and Ty and Scott treat a futurity racing horse called Charger who’s owner, Hollis Landon, believes he is blind. Ty tells Caleb about Charger and Caleb is immediately interested. Since her accident, Amy has struggled to gain any new clients and Lou insists she hold a clinic to interest potential clients. However, the clinic winds up with only three people. During the clinic, Lou overhears Amy telling Martha, a client, about her accident when Ahmed’s horse Zeus struck Amy on the head. Lou posts an entry on her ‘Mum’s The Word’ blog about 'Miracle Girl' Amy and it goes viral. This is when Georgie says ‘Look at all the hits it’s getting!’
Amy finally gets a call from Ahmed and many new clients. The episode ends with a doubtful Ty agreeing to pitch in $5000 and invest in Charger, the barrel racing horse. The last line is Ty saying, “I’ll drink to that’.

Thanks for that answer that could double as the official summary of the episode, Ada!

There is so much going on with Heartland right now, even though there are no new episodes airing. The production is about to start for Season 10 and everyone is pumped to start bringing you news from behind-the-scenes. 

We also launched the Minecraft server. It's not getting heavy use right now, but that's ok, it's a work in prorgress.  I'm hoping some of you will connect and start building the best virtual ranch ever!

But I'm getting off-topic.  We are here for the memory.  What is happening with Amy in this week's image? She is looking rather happy in the spotlight, no?  Tell me what is going on here and when in the Heartland it happened.