Heartland Memories #38

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Another week, another memory. As I continue to look back on Heartland past, I'm thankful that there are so many fans out there who have been paying very close attention over the seasons! Thanks to Aline G to their answer on last week's Heartland Memory! You were the first person to include the episode name in your answer!

Jack had a heart-attack in season 6 episode 18 "Under presure" and Tim found him stretched out in the fields. But, instead of thanks Tim, Jack tell him that Tim killed him before in a way in season 7 episode 1 "Picking up the pieces".

Of course, you can watch the episode right here.

On to this week's memory. It's Hockey playoff season and even though there aren't any Canadian teams in the mix this year, we still have some sports-related memories to look back on! Tim is a Calgary Fan, no doubt. What happened to lead up to this moment and What was the episode it's from?