Heartland Memories #37

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Now that Season 9 is finished (But you can always watch it online), we have even more opportunities to talk about episodes from the past. Last week, we saw a slightly angry-looking Ty and a concerned Amy at his back.  

Steffi128  was the first blog commenter to drop the correct episode that this memory came from. And she gave a great description too!

Season 8, Episode 4 ("Secrets and Lies") "The Showdown" between Prince Ahmed an Ty. At the dinner Ty got to know that Ahmed told Amy he loved her, they got outside, Ty confronted him about that, Ahmed started rambling, that Ty is only holding Amy back, she can't do what she wants etc. Ty hit him with his head and Ahmed is like "You can't do this to me!" then Ty punched him in the face and said "Yes, I can!"...

Thanks Steffi128! The commenting community on the blog always provides a great amount of detail! On to this week's memory:

This week, it's Jack saying some heavy words to someone... what's happening here and when did we see it on Heartland?