Heartland Memories #36

Posted on Apr 5, 2016

After a couple of weeks without any Heartland Memories, here is your first post-finale memory!  The previous memory was about Lou and Mrs. Bell discussing their chances at winning a jam-making contest, as blog commenter Gloria Turner put it, in detail:

This is when the Jam Competition was going on. Lou and Ms.Bell decided to compete after they were offended by the competition (two old lady's pearl and someone else). Lou tried to follow Ms.Bell's recipe but couldn't get the right Flavour. She was missing the secret ingredient. Ms.Bell helped her and this photo is taken while the Competition (two old lady's) were handing out little treat bags to the judges and sweet talking them into liking them even more. The two old lady's won but the guest judge asked Lou and S.Bell if there jam could be in his store in the section for local food products. Season 3 Episode 7.

This week, we have a very concerned-looking Amy reaching for Ty. What does Ty mean when he says "Yes I Can." and what just went down?