Heartland Memories #35

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

It's been a couple of weeks since the last time I shared a Heartland Memory. There was a lot going on last week with the lead-up to the finale, so I decided it best to skip the memory for the week.  

Andreas Constantinou had the first correct answer to the last Heartland Memory!

Clint brings two tough kids on probation to heartland. Forcing Ty to deal with a part of his past he did rather forget. When Clint suffer an elergy reaction from peanuts. The kids had to stay overnight That's when everbody had to cheap in and help. Mollery got stack with Terra and Ty was with Badger. Everything was not easy at first for some time. But Mollery made a deal with Terra . She will right her horse copper and in return Mollery to wear lipstick and makeup When Lou and a my saw Terra on copper Amy and Lou were smiling . That's when Mollery said it. What are you looking at . That was season 2 episode 14 . Do or Die

The new memory features Lou and Mrs. Bell.  What were they up to?