Heartland: Helping Those Who Help Horses

Posted on Jul 14, 2016

A couple of months back we put out a call for not-for profit equine organizations to apply for a Heartland Ranch set visit that could be used as a fundraiser to bring in some much needed cash to organizations that help our equine friends.

A total of 4 visits were awarded, and today I want to focus on the first two that now have their raffles up and running. On a later blog I will detail the other two recipient organizations (one in Manitoba and one in Prince Edward Island) but today I want to bring your attention to fundraising the efforts of the following Alberta Horse Organizations -

BEAR VALLEY RESCUE in Sundre, Alberta



Each organization is selling a maximum of one thousand $10 raffle tickets

Please note: Because of rules set down by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, online purchases can only be made in Alberta, or for a person in Alberta. The raffle tickets can not be sent out of province.

The prize each is awarding through their raffles is a set visit for four people (at least one must be an adult) to the location of CBC’s Heartland during a day of filming. This will probably be the ranch set!

The visit will be on a day during production of the series’ 10th season, which occurs weekdays until the first week of December, 2016. Guests will meet the cast, get autographs, take photos and watch scenes being shot from an episode of Canada’s longest running one-hour drama.

Guests will also learn how the television filming process works, and will stay for lunch with the cast & crew. Also, a full size (2′ x 3′) season 9 poster, autographed by the lead cast members, will be given to the guests.

So I am pleased to dedicate today's blog to help both WHOAS and Bear Valley Rescue in their efforts to sell as many tickets as possible so they can both continue with their excellent work.

Here are their websites, where you can purchase raffle tickets for a chance to come out with some friends and spend a day on the set of Heartland.



When you are visiting either site you can find out how to purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win.

Also, while you are on their sites, take a look at some of the great things these two organizations do for horses.

It's peoples' natural love of horses that helps make Heartland - television's favourite family drama - the popular series it is, both in Canada and in scores of countries around the world.


I cannot close off without mentioning our countdown to the October 2 season 10 premiere,which is now only 80 days away. I am just naturally an excited Blog Whisperer, but 80 days? That's 10 weeks and 3 days. Watch how fast it flies by!!!

So that's all this week. Watch for some more news and photos next Thursday as we continue to tick... tick...tick... towards the brand new season of Heartland.