Grey Cup Sunday. No Horses Sunday.

Posted on Nov 23, 2017

As I wrote last week, there will be no new episode of Heartland on CBC this Sunday, because of the annual Canadian national sporting event known as the Grey Cup, which will see the Toronto Argonauts battle the Calgary Stampeders in our nation's capital, Ottawa.

Before I get around to this week's replay, I want to touch upon a little something that has Stampeder fans a tad miffed. When Calgary plays at home, every time they score a touchdown, a rider (Chelsea Drake) gallops a horse by the name of Quick Six down the sideline as the home town crowd cheers. In the past, the Stampeders have been able to have their galloping horse and rider celebration at Grey Cup games in other stadiums. But not this Sunday as the Canadian Football League has again (they also didn't allow it last year) nixed allowing the horse and rider at the game.

Because Calgary is where Heartland has its studio and production office, of course most of the Heartland employees are cheering for the Stampeders to win the Grey Cup in three days time. But to not allow a horse to participate in the celebration? The only word I have for that is "Booooo!"

There! I have that off my chest, so let me now tell you about another celebration that is happening today. Almost all the main cast are going to be in an arena with over 1000 Heartland fans as a huge jumping event is being filmed and Heartlanders from all over will be coming out to collectively cheer as a crowd.

It's going to be five hours of fun as when the cameras are not rolling Amber Marshall and the cast will be talking to the fans about the day. When the crowd is wrapped there are going to be prizes awarded from a ticket draw, with the grand prize being a set visit for four next year during the production of season 12.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let me state unequivocally that season 12 has yet to be green lit, but everyone is very optimistic that it will be. If so, some lucky family - or group of friends - will have the time of their lives on the Heartland ranch set in 2018. If not, then I'm sure production will find some way to make the winner feel very special.

To those not in Canada, the Grey Cup is a big deal and no one runs a new episode of a drama against it. That would be crazy, wacky, or dumb. This is why there is going to be a repeat of episode 1104 - "How to Say Goodbye." on Sunday. It was written by Heather Conkie and directed by Eleanore Lindo. The episode originally aired October 15, so many of you have seen it already, but I know some of you prefer a rerun of Heartland to a sporting event, so this repeat episode is for you.

There are a lot of photos this week. Some are old ones from this Sunday's repeat episode, some you haven't seen from this week's repeat episode, and some are just fun production photos taken on and around the sets of Heartland.

Enjoy the photographs and have a great weekend. If you follow Heartland on CBC's Twitter page there will probably be some crowd shots for you to enjoy amidst the production tweets today.

Yow! I just realized that next Wednesday is the final day of Season 11 filming. The following day there may not be many production tweets, but there will be a new blog posted here, as I go into detail with text and photos from the ALL-NEW episode (1109), which airs on December 3, the Sunday following this Sunday.

Until then I will remain, as always, most obediently yours. Have a great weekend everyone. And this is for Quick 6: "Go Stamps Go!"