Go over the bridge and spot the differences!

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

Today's Time Killer is another spot the differences puzzle... I know many of you love these! 

I came upon this season 5 image and it was as you know, from a happytime, with Jack and Amy singing together. It was such a fond memory, I felt like I had to use it as the source of my latest puzzle.

So without any further ado... Have fun, and follow the instructions in the image below!

As for last week's puzzle, I know it was a little difficult, but sometimes these aren't always going to be a so-called walk in the proverbial park.

Congratulations to Mystery_Girl for being the first of the few who did get the answers all right. To see her answers check the comments on last Tuesday's blog post.

Who'll be the first to solve today's Time Killer? It might be you if you're fast enough!!!!!! We'll find out in one week's time.