Four-letter character names in today’s word ladder

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Today, 10 is the magic number because 10 is the number of characters who have appeared on television’s favourite dramatic series that will each be a separate rung in this week’s time killer, which is a traditional word ladder.

By traditional, of course, I mean that each and every word below is 4 letters (or characters) in length and you only have to change one letter to solve the next rung, either above or below. There is no scrambling or rearranging of any of the letters.

Pretty straightforward, huh?

Last week’s time killer was also a word ladder, but each rung was a new exercise with different instructions. There were several of you who got all the answers correct, led by Mystery_Girl, who narrowly edged out Katelyn Irby and Ana Julia. Way to go! You can check out their correct answers in the comments section of last week’s post.

So then, here you go; a traditional word ladder that should bring back Heartland memories from seasons past. Have fun and we’ll find out next Tuesday which Heartlander was the first to get them all right.

Have fun...

* * We should start with Heartland’s patriarch.

      A Scottish form of ‘John,’ or slang for an athlete.

      To make fun of.

      The brand of truck with a bulldog as a symbol.

      An aerosol used to sting an attacker’s eyes.


* * Dr. Virani’s daughter.

* * Mallory’s cowboy boyfriend.

      What one does when the morning alarm sounds.

* * Ty and this guy get along a lot better now.

      Not narrow.

      A beguiling or playful trick.

      Crafty, cunning, shrewd or clever.

* * Ty’s mother.

      A rise and fall of the voice when speaking.

      A number of connected items, usually written.

* * She was married in season 7 on Heartland.

      On a passport, this allows one to stay for a time.

      A metal device that holds something tightly in place.

      An immoral or wicked personal characteristic.

      Pleasant, agreeable, fine or satisfactory.

* * He wanted to buy Spartan in season 1.

      To run one’s tongue along something.

      A louse is one. Two or more would be this.

      A weekly American magazine, from 1883 to 1972.

      In England, an elevator.

      In Heartland, where Ty first slept.

      An uncouth and boorish man, often drunk.

      A fight or a boxing match.

      Row this gently down the stream.

      A badly behaved young child.

* * He can’t return to Heartland, unless in flashbacks.

      There are a lot of these in a rosary.

      To shine brightly or light from a headlight.

      Players on the same squad are this.

      To rip, or a drop of sadness.

      A famous Shakespeare tragedy, King...

      A person who tells falsehoods is this.

* * Someone Ty knocked out with one punch.

      Former name of Thailand.

      School of Interactive Arts and Technology.

      Do this to flour to remove lumps.

      To raise higher by hand or machine.

      The London Independent Film Festival, for short.

      The most popular film festival in Canada.

      A hardy Ethiopian grain, very high in calcium.

* * Georgie’s only sibling.