Find another new episode of Heartland this Sunday on CBC!

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

From now until the middle of April, every Thursday I'm going to be hammering two points home -- two very, very good points.

First, and most importantly, if you are reading a new Thursday blog (like this one) there'll be a new Season 7 episode three days later, on the upcoming Sunday. That's true for the next four Sundays as well. That's right, Canada - it's nothing but new Heartland Season 7 episodes week after week until the season reaches its dramatic conclusion. Oh yeah!!!

And secondly, because Heartland gets new fans in Canada every day I can't stress this enough - have you downloaded the Season 7 Companion App? If not, why not? Let me reword that - If not, please do so, and right now! Here's the handy link for you to get that done.

So let's get down to business, because in three days time Canada gets another new episode of Heartland.

This one is episode 714, and it is titled, "Things We Lost." Written by Mark Haroun and directed by Eleanore Lindo, this one continues the journey of Jack and Lisa, as an ill-programmed GPS in Lisa's truck puts her and Jack in a bad situation, and they are not alone! Cinders, Lisa's horse, has come along for the ride and the three of them get quite lost.

The good news about this situation, as it makes Jack and Lisa remember how much they enjoy each other's company. Could this be a classic case of making lemonade when handed a lemon? Or will everything just go sour? We'll all find out this Sunday on CBC.

Of course it is very rare that a Heartland episode only has one storyline and "Things We Lost" is no exception.

Tim shows up at the ranch house with - of all people - Jade, the daughter of Dr. Tricia Virani, who had to leave town on a medical emergency. Jade (played by Madison Cheeatow) and Georgie are not exactly best friends, and having the two if them in proximity to each other is going to be trying. And fun for us watching.

And Amy is determined to bake Ty a birthday cake. Of course, as Ty points out, she has trouble boiling water! Still it's the thought that counts, no?

It all adds up to another fun episode of Heartland, new this Sunday across Canada at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). I sure hope you can catch it with me.

Now a mild warning to be aware of, if you are in Alberta. APTN runs repeat episodes of Heartland from past seasons at 7:00pm on Sundays.  So when turning on the 'telly' (as my mum used to call it) make sure you have CBC on. That way you will catch this week's new episode and not a rerun. Simple, no?

Other than that let's all look forward to spring and the longer daylight hours. I know I am!

Next Thursday I'll have another blog about another new episode. Believe me, this is the fun part of the year for this Blog Whisperer.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours. Here are some more photographs from this Sunday's new episode. Enjoy!