Filming Starts in a Dozen Days

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

It doesn't sound that far away now, does it?

Not when you say "a dozen", for that is all there is as far as days are concerned before the cast and crew appear on set, director Grant Harvey yells "Action," and another season of Heartland begins the process of being filmed.

I don't know about you but I am excited just writing that last paragraph.

Last week I told you the working title for episode 1101 (by Heather Conkie) was "Baby on Board." Well, today I am here to tell you that the working title for episode 1102 (by Mark Haroun) is "Highs and Lows." Make of those what you will.

Now I have expained in the past why we have 'working titles,' but I will do so again. Anytime you have a name of an episode, or a new character - human or animal, or an establishment (say a restaurant or a hardware store) the name has to be cleared to make sure that it does not cause confusion with another person, animal or establishment of the same name. This is done by a legal firm on behalf of production. They read the scripts and clear (okay) the names appearing in them.

So I am fully hopeful in a couple of weeks I will be able to declare that "Baby on Board" and "Highs and Lows" are the names of the first two season 11 scripts. But if I don't and give you alternate names at least now you will know why.

Speaking of a name needed in two weeks...

Production has to whittle down the over ten thousand suggestions for names. Thank you to all fans who suggested a name for ___________ Marion Fleming-Borden. Among the over 10,000 there were some very original names and several names were suggested many times. All of this is being factored in the deliberations, and soon the new name will be known to the cast and crew.

And as for everyone else? You will all learn her first name as you watch episode 1101 when it premieres in late September or early October on CBC.

(Are those boos I detect out there?)

Well, we have to have some secrets that we can only reveal as the season unfolds, don't we? This will be one of them.

However, there will be lots more that I will be able to share with you, as starting May 9 (in 12 days, remember?) when filming starts, I will be sending out multiple production tweets each day, telling you the weather, who is on set, what is being filmed and all sorts of other fun info. They are called production tweets, and they will carry the hashtag #HLinProd. If you are not following Heartland on CBC on Twitter, you really should, for you will pick up all sorts of valuable clues as to what the new season has in store for everyone. 

Last week I posted a series of pairs of photos; a production photo showing a set up or the filming of a scene, followed by a unit shot of the scene itself. These went over so well that I am doing it again with twelve photos - 6 pairs - of the same.

You'll notice at the top of this blog we have Alisha Newton as Georgie approaching Amber Marshall's as Amy. If you look at the next image below you will see the crew gathered around filming the scene. Then under that one are five additional pairs of photos. All of these are from the first half of season 10 (as were last week's). I hope you enjoy them.

Next week is going to be one of my attempts to answer your questions. I do this a few times each year, so let's have one before the season begins filming.

Ask me anything you want in the comments below, and as long as you do so before Sunday night I will answer it, or try to answer it, or at the very least explain why I cannot answer it.

So fire away, friends and fans. They will all be answered in next Thursday's BW Blog. I am more than happy to try to keep you happy. It's what I do.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.