Filming Begins on Season 12 Today!

Posted on May 31, 2018

Early this morning, cast & crew were gathered on the Heartland set, ready to film the first block of episodes: 1201 & 1202. Everyone has been raring to go on what promises to be a great twelfth season!

Follow Heartland on CBC on Twitter and you'll see production tweets with the hashtag #HLinProd every day the cameras are rolling. You'll get exclusive insider details you won't see anywhere else!

Something many fans marvel at is the number of people it takes to film Heartland. You will be seeing a lot of photographs that illustrate this over the next few months, but to prove it to you right now, here are some production photos, this time going back three seasons, to Season 9. Enjoy!

Keep checking back for production images from Season 12, now that filming is underway. Have a great weekend and be sure to come back next Thursday for another new blog!