Extras Day moved to June 24

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

Mother Nature has tossed a giant wrench into Heartland's day of extras, which is still taking place but is now moving from June 17 to the following Wednesday, June 24.

There are various reasons a change in a production schedule can occur, and a major one is the weather. All signs now indicate that there is a very strong chance of a major downpour and thunderstorm next Wednesday (June 17). This means production could experience lightning, and the safety of the cast, crew and the fans has to be a top priority.

The result is that the day with all the extras has by necessity been moved down one week, to Wednesday, June 24.

If you had been chosen then an email was sent to you last night explaining the situation.

Anyone who cannot now be an extra will be replaced by fans who were not selected last week.

Please do not reapply! Early next week production will replace the background extras with others who contacted production, in the order your emails came in. Being as there were originally hundreds who were not chosen there are now more than enough who have already emailed their desire to be background extras and the replacements will be chosen from the original applicants.

There is no easier way to state it than to simply say this is a mess, but it is something that crops up in the world of film and television when you film outdoors on location. Six full days of filming have to be rearranged and there are complications in all departments.

Everyone involved in Heartland's production is truly sorry this is happening.

Once again, if you were originally selected to be a background extra on June 17 you have received a follow up email explaining the full situation.

This is really the only message I have for today's blog, to stress its importance. Next week I will be back with a video from set and more positive and interesting news about the filming of season 9.

Until then I remain as always, obediently yours.