Everything’s coming up Rosie!

Posted on Apr 21, 2011

Shaun Johnston

Click though to the blog post for some Heartland news, as well as info on our next giveaway! Yesterday the Alberta Media Production Industries Association released their finalists for the 37th Alberta Film & Television Awards, and the trophy the winner gets is called the Rosie Award. (Get it? Everything's coming up Rosie? Rosy? Ha! I still crack myself up!) Ahem. Sorry about that. Lost control for a minute there... Anyway, the point is that Heartland and a lot of its Alberta talent did VERY well indeed. Read on!

The Awards are handed out to Alberta companies and craftspeople who work on productions. For this reason a lot of the cast and crew, who hail from British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, are not eligible. But of those who were, here are the nominations that were received -

BEST DRAMATIC SERIES - "Heartland" - Tom Cox & Jordy Randall, Producers, SEVEN24 Films

BEST FEATURE FILM - "A Heartland Christmas" - Tom Cox & Jordy Randall, Producers, SEVEN24 Films

BEST DIRECTOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Dean Bennett, Heartland - "Road Curves"

BEST DIRECTOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Dean Bennett - "A Heartland Christmas"

BEST DIRECTOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Francis Damberger, Heartland - "Lost Song"

BEST DIRECTOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Grant Harvey, Heartland - "Homecoming"

BEST ALBERTA ACTOR - Shaun Johnston, Heartland - "Lost Song"

BEST SCREENWRITER DRAMA OVER 30 - Mark Haroun, Heartland - "Graduation"

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER DRAMA OVER 30 - Craig Wrobleski - "A Heartland Christmas"

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER DRAMA OVER 30 - Craig Wrobleski, Heartland - "One Day"

BEST EDITOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Ken Filewych, Heartland - "Homecoming"

BEST EDITOR DRAMA OVER 30 - Ken Filewych - "A Heartland Christmas"

BEST OVERALL SOUND DRAMA - Ron Osiowy & Geo Major - "A Heartland Christmas"


BEST COSTUME DESIGNER - Carol Case, Heartland - "Win, Place or Show"

I thought since Shaun Johnston received his fourth consecutive nomination for playing Jack Bartlett (and he won the award last year! Yay Shaun!) I should include (at the top of this week's post) a nice photo of Shaun as Jack from Season 4, hypnotizing a horse, I think.

There's a lot of totally great work that's done on Heartland. Of course if you're reading this you're probably well aware of it, but once in a while word gets out to the rest to the world how good the show is. With Heartland playing in dozens of countries worldwide, it's gaining fans every day. I can't see that slowing down, can you?

Speaking of other countries, I now have the definitive answer on Season 4 in France!!! If you are a fan of Heartland in France you are going to have a lot of fun over the next few weeks, as Heartland Season 4 will debut on Sunday, May 1 at 8.45pm on Canal+. There will be two episodes airing each Sunday until June 26. So pass it along, French fans!

I'm well into compiling our list of frequently asked questions, or FAQs, which will appear here for all to read. This'll give new fans a crash course in most things they need to know about Heartland. Shouldn't be long now!

One question I occasionally get is "What breed is Amy's horse, Spartan?" and now I have an answer... I recently spoke with John Scott, the head animal wrangler on Heartland, who happens to own Storm, the main horse that plays Spartan. Storm is a registered American Quarter Horse. Wikipedia has a lot of information on the breed here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Quarter_Horse , and if you read the information I'm sure you'll agree it makes perfect sense that Spartan should be a quarter horse!

It seems a few (or perhaps a LOT) of you have been enjoying the "Spot the Differences" puzzles that I've posted the past two Mondays... I'm so happy! Over the next few weeks I'll post a new puzzle every Monday, and they'll be of varying difficulty. Now... these are all for you to practice on, because in a few weeks I'm going to have a little giveaway for the first fan who correctly identifies the differences in a special puzzle that I'm working hard on. So practice on these and hone your observation skills, because some upcoming Monday it just might turn out that I'll be sending you a little something - if you're quick! Don't worry - you'll get plenty of notice, but I'll be putting in a little twist or two 1) it will be brutally, fiendishly difficult - I hope! 2) I will NOT be telling you how many differences there are! That should make it a little trickier for some of you. Or at the very least you may take longer than the 20 seconds a few you have been claiming it takes you to solve the first two puzzles. :P

The other thing to note is that the little giveaway for the first person who solves the puzzle is going to be available to all Heartland fans, worldwide. I will notify everyone on Facebook when the "challenge" puzzle is going up and that way everyone will have an equal chance at being the first in. Sound good? Like I said - I'll give you plenty of notice, and it won't be for a few weeks at least.

Now, remember the "Name Peter and Lou's baby" contest? Well, Executive Producer Jordy Randall, actress Michelle Morgan (Lou) and Head Writer Heather Conkie are going through the thousands (yes - thousands) of original names, dropping ones they don't like and circling those that they think will work. The trio of judges will then have a conference call and they'll reach a consensus in time for us to announce the baby girl's name here on Mother's Day (when else?).

They have to decide fast, because they actually need the name before that, as the baby's name gets mentioned in the first two episodes, which start filming on May 2!

That brings me to the upcoming production season. Everyone is getting very excited and now that the warmer weather is actually making the remaining stubborn snow vanish, and it looks like it'll be full steam ahead a week from this Monday. So, I just want to let you know that I'll have my spies on set getting me some juicy information which I'll be sharing with you. It's what I love to do, so you can continue to get a weekly fix (and sometimes even more) of your favourite series, right up until the day it premieres in September. Expect the Twitter feed to ramp up at that time as well with live dispatches from set that you won't get anywhere else - so if you aren't following @HeartlandOnCBC on Twitter yet, now's the time to start!

Until Monday, have a Good Friday, a Very Good Saturday, a Great Sunday and in other words - enjoy the long weekend! And a tip - don't go looking for chocolate eggs in any stables! :D

-Blog Whisperer out!