Everything I can tell you about Sunday’s season finale

Posted on Apr 10, 2014
Heartland has had seven seasons to date;
   Well, after this Sunday that will be true.
On April thirteen, from seven to eight
   Seven's last episode will air for you.
I hope you watch it, for some things unfold
   That Ty (Get it? Ty!) up some storylines
While other arcs, some new and some quite old
   When they might be resolved there are no signs.
But don't despair, before too long the fall
   Will bring us Season Eight on Sunday night.
Amy, Lou, Jack, Georgina, Tim and all
   Return again to make Heartland shine bright.
So tune in this Sunday and don't be glum;
It's been a fun season, with more to come.
Every once in a while (as in once every seven years) I knock off an occasional Elizabethan sonnet, so if Heartland lasts fourteen seasons you'll have to suffer through another one in 2021. (Ha! I do crack myself up!) I guess I'm still giddy from a couple of things. The first was being able to confirm that yes, Heartland will be back in the fall (I don't know the date exactly; that's still being worked out) for a record setting eighth season. And as the sonnet reads above, all your favourite characters will be back. The series is going to have some other characters, both returning and new to liven up the 2014-2015 season on CBC Television.
The second reason I'm giddy is because I've watched the season finale and I have to say it's a very good one.
If you see the photo at the top you'll notice I've used a production photo showing episode writer/Executive Producer Heather Conkie on set surrounded by various crew members. Heather wrote this episode, titled "Be Careful What You Wish For," and although she's not always on set, when the production schedule came out she circled this date, as this was the one day she wanted to watch the filming of.
Unfortunately, although our intrepid stills photographer Andrew Bako took hundreds of photos that day, I can't show any of them to you, other than the one at the top of this blog. 
The rest would all be spoilers. I will however, post some that I know you'll want to see next Thursday (Yes, the Thursday blogs will continue year round!).
So what can I show you? Well, Tim and Amy having a discussion, and of course the futurity where Ty and Caleb race a barrel racer with a problem. If Amy can't fix Charger's problem, which Charlene (returning guest star Georgina Reilly) describes as "All speed and no reward," the boys are going to have spent a lot of money on a dud.
There's other things happening as well. Peter is back, and he and Lou are marvelling at how quickly Georgie is growing up. She's becoming friends with Stephen (played by Carson Pound) and has her heart set on a certain saddle that's going to take her some time to save up for.
One lingering concern for Lou is that Georgie has never called her "Mom." Peter thinks Lou is over-reacting (as if she has never done that!) but still it gnaws at her. And Jack breaks out the aftershave (at least I think that's what it is) for a date with Lisa (Jessica Steen). Unlike a lot of people, Jack likes a certain amount of privacy as he figures out his personal life.
Back to Amy and her helping Ty and Caleb; the fly in the ointment is that Ahmed (guest star Jade Hassoune) wants her to work for him full time (and Lou is pretty sure he wants more than that!) and helping fix Charger is jeopardizing her potential job (and healthy income). It's all neatly directed by Dean Bennett.
The one thing I will tell you is this... as I hinted in the sonnet above - not all of the storylines get resolved. Hey, if they did we wouldn't need an eighth season now, would we?
But don't worry; no one's life is in peril at the end of this season. Some peace of mind is shaky perhaps, but at least everyone is healthy. After putting you through so much worry for Jack at the end of Season 6, the producers and writers thought they'd let you off easy this time. Well, somewhat easy... (Heh-heh)
I also have some exciting news about the Heartland Companion app. Have you seen the grand prize up for grabs? Hoo-boy! Check it out HERE... you've got one last chance to download the app, or use the web version on Sunday at 7pm to win!
Now I'll leave you with the photos from Sunday's Season Finale, which airs as all new Heartland episodes do, at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). Make sure you come back here and let mel know what you thought of it in the comment box below. Y'all know I love reading your opinions! I'll be back next week with a catchy phrase for the months we must endure between Sunday and the Season 8 Premiere in the fall. I'll also give you some inside news on this year's production. That's what good Blog Whisperers do.
So, as we wait patiently for Sunday's episode, why don't you leave a prediction in the comments now about what you think will happen... will Ty & Caleb succeed in their futurity gamble, or has Ty made a huge mistake, not only with his savings, but his relationship with Amy? Sound off now!
Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.