Episode 810 title revealed and info about visiting the set of Heartland

Posted on Aug 7, 2014

Every so often I see questions pop up, either here on the blog, or on Facebook and on Twitter and for you regular readers, you may already know much of this info... but it's worth repeating once and a while, to keep as many fans, new and old, in the loop as possible. 

But before I get to the batch of questions I'm going to tackle today, I have some news, and that'd be the title of episode 810, which will be the first episode airing in January 2015 on CBC. Written by Heather Conkie, the script is named, “The Heart of a River.” Now that's a little different name for an episode, don’t you think? I’m sure it'll trigger some speculation.

Anyway, Tuesday of next week will mark day 15, the final day of Block 4 (episodes 807 and 808), and on Wednesday production will start filming episodes 809 and 810.

Oh, and I do have a little something else to tease everyone.

As you know, every Thursday I post a new blog here, and when Heartland isn't airing on CBC, I post a Time Killer challenge on Tuesdays. But next week I may have another post up. Perhaps on Monday.

And now, to your questions…

Jacqui Fennell asks, Do you know when seasons 6 and 7 of Heartland are coming out on Netflix?

Netflix is in several countries and each one has different programming. The general rule is that once a program (like Heartland) has aired in a country on television it can then be added to that country’s Netflix catalogue. So in Canada, where CBC has aired all seven seasons, Netflix Canada has all of these episodes available. In the US, where UPtv is the exclusive broadcaster, Netflix cannot add seasons until UPtv has finished airing them. Right now UPtv, which broadcasts on Wednesday evenings, is nearing the end of Season 6.

Laura Taylor asks, Any chance you allow visitors on set?

Like most television and film productions, Heartland is filmed on a closed set, meaning visitors are not usually allowed. Occasionally there are exceptions, such as when the production donates a day on set for a group of 4 to a charity and the result is thousands of dollars raised for that charity. This is done a few times each season. But in general the focus has to be on filming the scenes. Typically I post about these chances when they are available... another good reason you should read the blog every week!

Jennifer Frazier asks, Why are we only on season 6 in the US?

UPtv, the network broadcasting Heartland to America, only started with season 1 a few years ago. At one point they were three and a half seasons behind. On Wednesday evenings they play a new episode twice and next week they will air 617. The following week they will broadcast 618 and - this is the best past - the week after that they will start with the first episode of season 7, episode 701. So they're catching up and doing a great job of introducing fans to television’s favourite family series.

Amber Rowe asks, Is Jessica Amlee ever coming back?

Who knows what the future will bring? I’ve written this before and it really is the best answer I can provide - unless a character on Heartland has died, such as Brad or Pegasus or Mr. Hanley, there's always a chance that character could return. That’s really all I can tell you at the moment.

Dawn asks, Where is Heartland filmed?

Some of you may have to check a map when you read this. Heartland is filming in and around Calgary, in the province of Alberta. In Calgary there is a studio, which contains the interior sets of the ranch house (including the attic), the barn and Lou’s office, Ty’s trailer and Scott’s vet clinic. The exterior sets of the ranch, the dude ranch and Ty’s trailer are all filmed not far from the hamlet of Millarville, which is about a half hour’s drive south-west of Calgary, and scenes in Hudson, including Maggie’s Diner, are all filmed in High River. Now you know.

Rebecca S. asks, Why can’t I watch Heartland on the CBC viewer on this site?

CBC broadcasts Heartland and only has the license to do so in Canada, which includes both on TV and online, which means that if you're not in Canada, you won't be able to watch episodes on this site. 

Sonja asks, When is season 7 coming out on DVD?

That should be fairly soon, as in - around the time season 8 premieres on CBC, which is going to be in the fall.

And lastly, several of you have been asking, When is season 8 going to premiere on CBC this fall?

I know. I have been asking that one myself. Once I have that date, the countdown is ON!!! All I can recommend is - come back here on Monday, August 11 and see if anything new gets posted.

Well Heartlanders, that’s all from your Blog Whisperer this week. Come back next week for 3 new posts; the Timekiller on Tuesday, the weekly regular blog on Thursday, and of course, Monday, just in case I have some special news.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.