Episode 902 is next for You!

Posted on Oct 8, 2015

Bam! And just like that everything is running on all cylinders.

Today, production entered the final third of its season 9 schedule, meaning episodes 901 through 912 have been filmed and 913 through 918 are yet to be filmed (Get it? 12 down, 6 to go!). And season 9 launched last Sunday with the season premiere on CBC in its faithful time slot - 7:00pm across the nation, with a 7:30pm starting time in Newfoundland.

So of course we have a new episode, and I'm going to get to that in a moment, but first I have a few things I want to bring to your attention.

Are you following us on Twitter? Every day of production has tweets from set which impart more information that gives minor - and sometimes major - clues to what fans of Heartlanders can expect. For example, today I see that Wanda Cannon, who plays Val Stanton, is back this year. I understand that someone we thought we'd never see again is making an appearance this production block as well, although I will let the Twitter account tell you in good time who that is and when she will be on set.

But there's another great reason to be on Twitter. It's called Periscope and it's a live video streaming platform, which allows one to transmit a live recording to Periscope and Twitter (because the Periscope app is owned by Twitter!) followers. Production tells me to make sure you are all aware of it, because they are going to be sharing some cool stuff very soon. What sort of cool stuff? Who knows, but imagine a live broadcast with the cast during an episode airing. Or a Q & A with one of the leads of the series or maybe a tour of the ranch or the studio or another set. The possibilities are not endless, but they are vast. So follow Heartland on CBC on Twitter and let's see what happens.

Are you liking us on Facebook? We gained over 1,200 fans this past week and with 241,175 likes at this moment, I am thinking that the quarter millionth Facebook fan is going to be clicking his or her "Like" button sometime soon. I don't know how we are going to celebrate that but somehow, in some way we will. However...

With popularity comes trouble sometimes and it has indeed surfaced on Heartland on CBC's Facebook page in the form of a scam. Please be aware that 42 (yes, forty-two) times I had to delete or ban a post claiming to provide a way to stream season 9 of Heartland for free. I checked it out and clicked on the link and shortly was asked for my credit card number and pin. Most of the fans in here are smart enough to know that you should never give out your credit card information to anyone. Period. But because Heartland is a popular family drama its Facebook page is being targeted to try and fool some of the series' younger fans. So be warned - this is a bogus site trying to get your money. Trust me; avoid them. Thank you.

Getting back to Heartland's social media, are you following the series on Instagram? There are cool photos and videos for fans of the series that you will enjoy. It only started up a short while ago but already it is getting to be very popular with Heartlanders everywhere.

And lastly, still with social media, Shaun Johnston taking the plunge and joining social media was something I thought we might never see happen, but just as Jack is getting used to modern technology so is Shaun wanting to communicate more with his fans. He is on Facebook - facebook.com/ShaunJohnstonOfficial and he is also on Twitter - Twitter.com/The_Real_ShaunJ .


So then, now on to the main thing every Heartland Thursday blog focuses on - the upcoming (in 3 short days) brand new episode of season 9.

In Episode 902, titled Begin Again; written by Mark Haroun and directed by Bruce McDonald, many storylines we saw in last Sunday's season premiere are further explored.

As Ty prepares to celebrate an important milestone, he works to treat an abandoned horse’s Rain Rot while Amy focuses on how to heal the animal’s emotional scars. Meanwhile, Jack uses a supposed arthritic knee as an excuse to justify his unwillingness to ride, but Tim eventually realizes that Jack is grappling with the retirement of a trusted friend. And Lou and Georgie disagree about riding lessons for Katie, but share a genuine mother-daughter moment when Georgie reveals that she is upset that Stephen is spending the summer with his father, and Lou promises that she and Peter will deal with their separation in a better way.

I have posted seven photos from this Sunday's episode for you to see.

All I can say is "ENJOY!" and come back here and let me - and everyone else - know what you thought of the episode after you watch it Sunday.

That's all for this week; you know I'll b back next Thursday with news and photos from the next new episode. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.