Did you know there are wild horses in Canada?

Posted on Jun 20, 2019

Ok, so there are wild horses in Canada. Or, at least, what are generally referred to as wild horses. Who knew?! (Heartland fans knew) While these "wild horses" are generally related to domesticated horses that escape their owners in the distant past, they have, through many generations, become feral. Nature finds a way...

There are now several known groups of horses in Canada that have adapted to living in the wild. Sable Island, a small Canadian island situated 300 km southeast of Halifax, for example, has a population of wild horses that have lived there for hundreds of years. 

The province of Alberta also has several known herds. If you head to the small town of Sundre, You can even visit them if you talk to the right people. It's said they aren't hard to find once you get there. These 'wildies' have even been represented on Heartland. You can also find a ton of information about them on select CBC docs such as The Nature of Things and Equus: Story of the Horse.

Heartland's Wild Horses
On Heartland season 5, episode 16, conveniently titled, "Wild Horses", there are a group of wild horses at risk of contracting a deadly virus and main characters Scott Cardinal (Nathaniel Arcand), Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall) and Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) are tasked with their rescue. There is plenty at stake and the team must overcome some personal hurdles to succeed. If you haven't seen this episode, or this season, you will definitely want to check it out.  Stream the full episode on CBC Gem!

In the more recent Season 12, a group of "wildies" reappear when a close friend's estate is being cleared of the horses that are destined for slaughter. And if you know the Fleming clan at all, you know they will once again give their emblematic animals sanctuary on a piece of land they own.

Here's a little taste of that episode:

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More Wild Horses on CBC

Look no further than The Wild Canadian Year: Winter, a special The Nature of Things presentation, to find a great segment that includes the wild horses of Sable Island.  Find out about this unique population of wild horses and the animal they have a symbiotic relationship with.  Hint: They are very different from horses. 

And, for a look into wild horses in other parts of the world, and for tons of detail about horse anatomy, history and why humans and horses are perfect for each other, check out Equus: Story of the Horse

Here's a series trailer for a taste:

Stream Equus: Story of the horse on CBC Gem »

That's all for today. Have you ever seen wild horses?