Connection between horses

Posted on Oct 23, 2015

I know that horses are social animals. But something happened at Heartland recently that reminded me again of the incredible bond they can sometimes share.

When an injured horse appeared near Heartland, Georgie and I rode off to investigate. We couldn’t find the horse, but we did stumble on more than we bargained for when a bear stepped out of the woods in front of us. Obviously, we were forced to turn back.

Then Georgie spotted the ailing horse again later, and took off after it. And I caught up to her. Together, we were finally able to locate it. Although injured, it allowed Georgie to put a halter on it… almost as if it wanted to be caught.

We led the horse back to Heartland where Ty checked over the horse’s wounds, confirming it had tangled with a bear. Thankfully, its injuries weren’t too serious. A course of hydrotherapy, combined with the topical application of comfrey herbs and Calendula oil, soon had the horse on the road to physical recovery.

But other problems persisted. The horse ran in circles, agitated. Kicking and pacing, it tried to break down its stall. Georgie insisted that a horse that wants to get out that badly has a reason. I was reluctant to free the animal, wanting it to recover and not risk further injury. But it continued to be distressed, looking to escape... so we decided to risk it to see what would happen.

We let him loose… and Georgie and I followed. The horse (by now named Bear for the way he bravely fought off an actual bear) led us into the woods. Every so often he stopped, looked around… as if waiting for us to catch up. Almost as if he was trying to lead us somewhere…

Finally, we saw it: an abandoned ranch… with a neglected horse, trapped in a paddock. Bear galloped off to join his matted, filthy friend… happy to be reunited.

It was amazing to witness the bond these two horses shared, their silent communication, and the mutual comfort they clearly felt in each other’s presence.

It never ceases to amaze me the connection that horses share… and in this case the great lengths Bear went to, to help his friend. And now that Bear did the hard work of leading us there it’s up to us to do what we can to help his buddy recover… a horse, who of course, is now named “Buddy.”