Clues about season 8, and your questions about Netflix, DVDs & the season premiere

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

It’s Thursday, and today my weekly blog is mostly about answering some questions that have cropped up over the past while. Heartland fans are nothing if inquisitive! 

I've answered a few of these before, but as I often note, each day Heartland Nation grows as fans around the world latch on to television’s favourite family drama. It’s not a big deal for me to address these more than once, because for a lot of you this'll be the first time you see the answers below.

Before I get into specific questions, let me give you a state of production update! This Monday filming will end on the 3rd block (directed by Anne Wheeler), meaning 45 days of this season’s 134 days will have been completed. On Tuesday Chris Potter (Everybody’s favourite Tim Fleming) will again direct a 2-episode block.

These are episodes 807 and 808, which I've read, and they are fun and exciting and will both introduce a new character as well as bring back someone else who was introduced earlier this year.

In the production office, showrunner Heather Conkie is putting the finishing touches on episodes 809 and 810. These are two very special episodes that'll be the last broadcast by CBC in 2014 (809) and the first broadcast in 2015 (810). These two episodes will be directed under the watchful eye of Dean Bennett and will be two Sundays that you won't want to miss... trust me.

If you follow me on Twitter, you can learn things about what's happening on the set with a few tweets each day when I hear about what's happening in production. It’s as close as you can get to being on set yourself!

And a few words on those of you who took the time to answer this past Tuesday’s Time Killer where I asked you to describe what you'd do if you ran Heartland. Can I just take a sec to say, YOU fans are AWESOME. The responses have been thoughtful and caring and if you haven't put your two cents in, you can do so here.

And all of the cast and crew are remembering 52 weeks ago, on July 20, 2013, when production opened up their studio doors for over one thousand fans who came and had a great time meeting cast and raising money for High River. In all over $80,000 was raised and given to the Town of High River, where Maggie’s Diner has been completely rebuilt after being destroyed in the floods of June, 2013.

Now, some questions!!

Q: Is season 7 being released on DVD in other countries besides Canada?

A: Yes. I don't know what rumours you may have heard, but I can tell you that Heartland has a different DVD distributor for seasons 7 and beyond, but if seasons 1 through 6 have been released in your country expect to see season 7 as well.

Q: Does it matter what country I am in if I watch Heartland on Netflix?

A: Yes. Netflix is now in over 40 countries and Heartland isn't a first run series on Netflix in any of them, meaning that another broadcaster has to air the series first. For this reason Netflix subscribers in Canada can watch all 7 seasons of Heartland on Netflix (because CBC already aired them) while in the US season 5 is on Netflix but not season 6, which UPtv is currently broadcasting.

Q: Do you know who broadcasts Heartland in each of the 119 countries where Heartland is licensed?

A: Sadly I do not. When I hear of the odd DVD release or series marathon on foreign soil I try to let everyone know, but I'm really far removed from some of the decisions that are made in that regard. I try to keep on top of this as much as I can, but I also rely on you to tweet and post this info too!

Q: Can you tell us the exact date when season 8 is premiering on CBC this fall?

A: Not yet. We do have it narrowed down to late September or early October. As soon as the date is locked I'll let everyone know.

Q: You haven't given us any new episode titles recently. When will we know the titles of 809 and 810?

A: There are tentative titles, but they have to be cleared, which means the titles will be unchanged. I imagine I'll have these for you within a couple of weeks; watch for them.

Q: Last year Mallory left the series. Is Heartland losing anyone this year?

A: Last year in addition to Mallory (Jessica Amlee, whose 20th birthday is today) leaving, the writers had the added situation of the actress playing Lou (Michelle Morgan, whose birthday was yesterday) being pregnant. I can tell you that nothing like that's happening this year, so there's nothing in season 8 to dread... cast appearance wise that is.

Q: Are Amy and Ty getting married in this upcoming season 8?

A: Nice try.

On Tuesday and on Thursday I’ll be back with more fun and games and info and stuff... you know, the usual. Until then I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.