Chris Potter directs Sunday’s episode- and more!

Posted on Oct 29, 2015

I have three big things to tell you about, not the least of which is this Sunday's new episode of Heartland, directed by Heartland's own Tim - Chris Potter.

More on the episode shortly. But first we have a winner to announce from the There Is Only One Heartland Instagram contest, or rather, Amber Marshall is going to announce it, once you click on this link. Please note: the winner will be contacted through a direct message.

And now -and this is REALLY exciting!!! - we are going to have our first Heartland Periscope Session, during (as well as before and after) this Sunday's broadcast of episode 905.

Here's how it's going to work - this Sunday, November 1st at 7:00pm CT (5:00pm Pacific Time, 6:00pm Mountain Time, 8:00pm Eastern Time and 9:00pm Atlantic Time) Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle (Amy & Ty) will be broadcasting LIVE from the Heartland Living Room to watch episode 905 with you! They'll answer your questions, talk about the episode and maybe even talk a little bit about what's to come in Season 9.

This is a can't miss event for Heartland!

To participate in the broadcast, download and install the periscope app on your iOS/Android device and follow @HeartlandonCBC, or wait for the link to be tweeted and posted from the Official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

For 1 hour Amber and Graham will be live... with you! Cool huh?

Now I have to repeat that this is only happening during the broadcast of episode 905 in the Central Time Zone (Manitoba and Saskatchewan). You can still join in and participate wherever you are in Canada,but know that the episode will be over in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces, and it will have not yet aired in Alberta and British Columbia.

So figure out when Heartland is being broadcast in the Central Time Zone and join the LIVE party! It is going to be a whole lot of fun!!!

And not that you don't know this, but just in case, do remember Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night, so adjust your timepieces accordingly.

Now, we do have a new episode - the 5th consecutive new episode of season nine, and both this one and next week's are directed by Chris Potter, who has now directed a block for the past seven seasons. They've all been great and this Sunday's is no different.

Titled "Back in the Saddle" (How come no previous episode has ever been named that?"), this Sunday's episode is written by Bonnie Fairweather. In it, Amy and Georgie prepare to compete in a cowboy competition, and Georgie guilts Jack into helping her train on a new horse in the hopes he will fall in love with the animal. Meanwhile, Peter helps Tim with the loft renovation and they are forced to find common ground on the issue of Peter and Lou's separation. And when Ty and Amy can’t find a place for a coyote pup to convalesce, Ty is forced to take Bob up on his offer to help. Remember Bob? You will when you see his photo below.

Speaking of, I have a bunch of great photos for you to enjoy. Scroll down and check them out.

So it's another new episode of television's favourite family drama. I know you are going to like it. So far everyone is really getting into season 9. I think you are going to find that it will continue - right into spring.

Anyway, to recap - click on that link above to learn the contest winner, join Amber and Graham on Sunday for a special LIVE one hour session and watch "Back in the Saddle" this November 1st, at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

I'll be back with yet another new episode next week; until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.