Beers, potatoes and Ty - A spot the differences Time Killer!

Posted on Jul 8, 2014


As we Wait for Eight each Tuesday you’ll find
A Time Killer to mess with each fan’s mind.
This one is like two others that we’ve done,
I hope that in solving it you have fun.

Eight changes have been made to one photo
Do you think you can find them? Have a go!
Eight differences between top and bottom,
Find them all and then you can say, “Got ‘em!”

Then proudly list your answers down below,
In one week (promise!) I’ll let you all know
Who was the first to get the answers right
To this Time Killer; one that tests your sight!


Last week’s Canada Day Time Killer was very popular and - from the number of fans who didn’t get all the answers right - a little tricky it seems. Oddly enough, the very first fan to post answers - AlbertaRose94 - was one of the few who answered all 20 questions correctly. (Way to go! May I call you AR94?) To find out the correct answers you can scroll down to the bottom of last week’s quiz here and see her answers - they were, as I wrote, the very first posted last Tuesday. I hope some of you learned a few things about our great country; that was the goal for last week’s Time Killer. And for this week? Just don’t strain your eyesight too badly spotting the eight differences.