Back to Basics - Part 1

Posted on Jun 8, 2017

So as we hit 100,000 followers on Twitter today I thought of all the new fans - Heartlanders you are free to call yourselves - who have quickly caught on to this series and may have some really basic questions that I have long ceased to answer. So this blog is for them. This will be the blog where the more helpful fans can direct those with basic questions to and maybe it will cut down on a lot of the repetitive queries we get here.

Q: What is Heartland?

A: Heartland is the longest running one-hour dramatic series in Canadian television history. It is a family drama centred on a horse ranch in the foothills of Alberta, not far from the Rocky Mountains. The series is currently filming its 11th season.

Q: What country is it from?

A: Heartland is 100% Canadian produced. Everyone who acts in, or works on the series is Canadian.

Q: How many episodes are in a season?

A: Season 1 had 13 episodes. Every subsequent season has had 18 episodes. So 10 seasons x 18 + 13 season 1 episodes = 193 episodes to the end of season 11.

Q: How long do you film?

A: Filming starts in early May and continues through the first week in December. It takes 15 days of filming to shoot two episodes, so there are 9 blocks produced in order to get 18 episodes. As I write this the cast and crew are filming day 7 of Block 2's 15 days.

Q: When do the episodes get aired first and by which network?

A: Heartland seasons get broadcast first in Canada on the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). A fall series, the first episode premieres in late September or early October and the last episode will air in April. The showtimes for all of Canada is Sundays at 7:00pm. In the province of Newfoundland it airs at 7:30pm. All episodes are available after they air on the CBC player, which can be accessed on this page by clicking on 'EPISODES' at the top. These initial broadcasts are available in Canada only.

Q: Why can't CBC stream in other countries?

A: CBC only has the rights to show Heartland in Canada. Other broadcasters and networks are found in other countries and will air at a later date.

Q: How many countries is Heartland licensed in?

A: 119. Whoever is the licensee can broadcast it and sell DVDs of the seasons of Heartland as well.

Q: When does Heartland get released on DVD?

A: After the television broadcast. In Canada season 10's final episode aired two months ago. The DVD release should be in the fall, around the time season 11 premieres on CBC.

Q: What about DVD releases in other countries?

A: That is up to the broadcaster but again, the DVDs do not come out until after the season has been aired.

Q: How about on Netflix?

A: Netflix is a secondary method of viewing Heartland, and it varies from country to country. In Canada season 10 should be available on Netflix sometime over the summer. In the US season 9 will be added soon, but they cannot add season 10 until the primary broadcasters have aired it.

Q: Do you have a list of countries where Heartland airs on Netflix?

A: No. There are 200 countries with Netflix and they all have different catalogues. Please ask Netflix in your country; they will know better than I. CBC has no say on when other networks can play any season of Heartland, for they do not have rights outside of Canada.

Q: Is there any merchandising for Heartland outside of DVDs?

A: Some Heartland clothing is available through the official site,

That is Part 1 of the "Basics." I will be back with Part 2 next week. I hope the above has helped some of you.

The photos I have included are ones some of you have seen before, but they are just so darn pretty I thought they were worth posting again.

Next week I will have, in addition to the "Basics," several new season 11 episode titles. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.