April 14 - No really, it’s Thursday, April 14!

Posted on Apr 14, 2011


But OMG... you wouldn't know it looking at the Alberta landscape around Calgary today. Click though to the blog to find out what's new in the world of Heartland!

So yes, April 14th. SNOW! Where New York is dubbed the "city that never sleeps," for many Calgarians their city has become the "city that won't give up on winter!"

I thought I would include a photo from Lou and Peter's wedding, where they left the church in a horse drawn sleigh, because that is pretty well what the area looks like today, apparently.

Ironically, last year in February and March, when "A Heartland Christmas" was being shot, crews had to bring in over 500 truckloads of snow to create the winter-like atmosphere needed for the 2-hour movie...

So, with one eye on the weather forecast, the crew is slowly assembling in Calgary as preparation begins for the start of the 5th season of Heartland, which kicks off on Monday, May 2. Everyone is getting their own department unpacked and revved up, making sure that everything is in place to begin the process of producing 18 brand new episodes, the first of which will come your way in September.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the "Spot the differences" puzzle I put up here on Monday, so I'll be posting new ones every week for the next little while - some just a little more difficult than others. And as some of you have requested, I'll be putting up some more slide puzzles in the 'extras' section soon. No moss grows on this Blog Whisperer!

Now... time for a bit of international news! Season 4 of Heartland will debut in France beginning May 1, and they will be airing two episodes a week. The channel and time is still to be confirmed. And on the other side of the planet, Australia is currently planning to release Part one of Season 3's DVD set in July. I'll follow up with exact dates and also dates for Part two.

In the United States, where the first 22 episodes have been playing in over 200 stations, a 23-episode 2nd season has been confirmed to begin in September. Also the GMC network started playing Heartland this week. To find out where Heartland plays in the U.S., and on what date and at what time, go to the Official Heartland USA Site at theheartlandranch.com.

Back in Canada, the cast of Heartland will be coming to Calgary from their various homes across Canada to get fitted for their costumes and to start read-throughs of the scripts for the first two episodes.

Last week Amber Marshall (Amy) was down in Los Angeles, appearing in a new music video for country artist Sean Hogan, for his song "Travel Plans." Here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpF7nmfC9os. I think it's great on two fronts... it's a fun video, and it serves to remind Albertans what the ground looks like without snow on it. ;)

What else do I have to tell you? Oh yeah! The CBC is challenging Canadians to live healthier lives. Called "Live Right Now", it's a national 6-month, multi-platform initiative to inspire us all to get healthy. There's a pretty huge website - LiveRightNow.ca - which features expert blogs, healthy recipes, health and fitness challenges (including the Million Pound Challenge) and, most importantly, a community of Canadians committed to living healthier lives. And, of course, Heartland is involved! Graham Wardle (Ty) has already written a blog post, sharing advice on how he stays healthy and fit (read it here at cbc.ca/liverightnow/blog-entry/graham-wardle.html) and Amber Marshall will be doing the same on April 18th. There's even an official Heartland Live Right now Group which you can join at cbc.ca/liverightnow/group.html?id=620 So if this sounds interesting to you, check it out!

And every once in a while Heartland actors show up in places where you might not expect to see them. This weekend, for example, Nathaniel Arcand, who of course on Heartland plays Scott Cardinal, Hudson's favourite veterinarian, will be the celebrity guest at the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show, April 15 to 17 at the Ray McDonald Sports Centre.

I know some of you may be asking "Why?" and "Where?" Read on, my friends...

Nathaniel will be at the trade show to highlight "local and regional talent." He hails from the nearby Alexander First Nation. That's the "why".

As for the "where", Morinville is a town in central Alberta, Canada. It's located 34 km north of Edmonton on Highway 2.

So if you're in the area (some of you may be!) drop in and say "Hi" to Nathaniel. He has cast photos from Heartland that he'll be happy to sign for you and you can wish him good luck before he comes to Calgary to be in the first two episodes of Heartland's 5th season. He'll be there for the whole weekend. The show opens tomorrow (Friday) at 5:30pm and continues on Saturday and Sunday. (And thanks to Heartland fan Val for the tip... even I didn't know about this one!)

So that's pretty much it for this week. But I will leave you with a little clarification about last week's hints for upcoming episodes of Season Five. I was only talking about the first 2 episodes, not the entire season. And that's all I'm saying about that!

Next week we'll be one week closer to filming, the nominations for the Alberta Film and Television Awards should be announced, and maybe spring will have arrived in Calgary. But probably not. On Monday expect a new puzzle. And on Thursday I'll also answer some more of your questions!

So enjoy your weekend. Do something active outside - jog, play tennis or softball, or if you are in Alberta go cross country skiing or build a snowman!!!

Blog Whisperer out!