Another Thursday, another collection of news tidbits!

Posted on Apr 22, 2010

Galop Passion

I'll start by showing you the cover of the new issue of Galop Passion, which hit the news stands in France and Belgium on March 25. A magazine for teenagers who love horses, the folks at the magazine love Heartland and put a smiling Amber Marshall and Spartan on the cover, and included a poster they did up from the series which was an insert in the magazine. A smaller version of the poster appears to the left of the magazine cover in the posted photo. So - if you are in France and are reading this, you'll probably want to pick up an issue! Click through for more stuff!

And Galop Passion isn't finished with Heartland yet. The company's owner, which also publishes a magazine for younger fans of all things equine - called Poney Passion - wants to feature a photo of Amy and Diva Girl on the cover of an upcoming issue. Cool, or what?

A reminder for those of you who are going to the Mane Event in Red Deer - Amber will be there this Saturday to meet and greet fans and sign programs and postcards. Visit for details.

And on the same day Jessica Amlee, Graham Wardle, Cindy Busby, Kerry James, Jake Church and Wanda Cannon will all be at an equestrian centre near Langley, BC. Admission is free, but it is by tickets issued to the first 350 fans to have emailed them (which includes some of you who first found out about it here!) The event is completely sold out now. Those of you who are going - have an awesome time.

If I get photos from either event they'll be posted next week.

And not to be left out, Shaun Johnston - who we all love as Grampa Jack Bartlett - will be participating in the Cassie Campbell Street Hockey Festival in Edmonton, the proceeds from which benefit the worthy Ronald McDonald House.

It will be next Saturday, May 1, at 12:00 noon. The Celebrity Street Hockey Game is FREE to the general public and will be broadcast live by Shaw Cable.

So hopefully you can go out and cheer Shaun on if you are in the Edmonton area. Full details on the street hockey festival can be found here. Go Shaun go!

Also there is a bit of confusion regarding the upcoming DVD releases of Season 2. If you are in Canada, rest assured that the street date for the complete Heartland Season 2 DVD will be May 4.

For everywhere else, I will post the information as soon as it's confirmed and set in permanent ink.

And lastly, just letting you know that your friendly neighbourhood Blog Whisperer will be on vacation (yes vacation!!!) next week, going somewhere hot to ride horses on the beach. I've cued up a couple of posts, and someone will be taking care of publishing those as well as comment moderation, so the blog will still be active (don't go away!!) but be aware that I won't be answering any questions until I'm back on May 3rd - so save 'em!

That's all for now - have a wonderful weekend, all!