And that was Season 5 of Heartland!

Posted on Mar 29, 2012

A cool production shot

Well, the past 5 weeks have been a lot of fun for me, since every Thursday I've been able to tell you a bit about what was going to happen in the upcoming Sunday when a new episode of Heartland was broadcast across Canada.  I gave hints and dropped clues, but for the most part I think I stayed clear of leading all of you too far astray... ;) Read on for more!

So now I, like a lot of you, am ALREADY suffering from withdrawal symptoms, since all 18 episodes of the 5th Season of Heartland have now aired.

Heartland has been an incredibly popular series, and both the CBC and the production team responsible for it are extremely proud of the 85 episodes which have aired over the past 5 years.

I want to thank all of you for the billions (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration...) of comments you've left - both here on the blog and on Facebook, as well as ALL the contributions so many of you have made in the Heartland Community pages on this site. This series has as active and awesome a fan base as any network or producer could hope for. I've written this before - a show is only as good as its fans, and Heartland's fans are the envy of many other series. You guys rock.

The Heartland television series is based on the popular collection of books by Lauren Brooke. I probably don't have to tell a lot of you that, but I do want to point out that while the books were aimed primarily at teenage girls the TV series has for its target audience entire families of all ages. For this reason there are a lot things in the television series that are not in the books, and vice versa.

The show is not exclusively about horses; it is about a family who operates a horse ranch, and a young woman who has inherited her mother's ability to bond with and understand horses. Horses are indeed a large part of Heartland, and always will be, but it is the stories of the characters that are also important, and the series strives to maintain a balance that will entertain as many as possible each Sunday. And I think they manage to pull it off!

I've sometimes joked that an episode could consist of 43 minutes of watching grass grow, and as long as it ended with Amy and Ty kissing there would be at least some people that would still call it one of the best episodes ever... :D and the Amy and Ty storyline is totally compelling, I agree, but it's only one of the ongoing tales being told on Heartland.  How will Peter, Lou, and Katie settle in to their new house? How will Mallory deal with Nashville? Will Jack be a changed man once he returns from France? Whatever will become of Caleb? And what about Tim and Shane and Miranda? And we can't of course forget Scott, who has been a friend of the Heartland ranch for years.

And even individually Amy and Ty have a lot going on. Ty is really focused on becoming a vet, and there's a lot of training and hard work needed for that to happen, while Amy's amazing ability with horses is something you know she's not going to waste.


For the past 4 years the announcement of a new season has always been made prior to the broadcast of the season finale. The difference this year is that the CBC has not announced which shows will comprise its fall lineup - any of them. And because of that there has been just a tiny bit of anxiety among some fans. I'll touch on this in a second...

First I want you to remember season 1; how it ended with Ty and Amy kissing and then Ty suddenly left, leaving only a note for a heartbroken Amy to read?

When that episode was being filmed no one knew how popular Heartland was going to become and the plan was --if there wasn't going to be a second season of Heartland-- to end with the kiss and delete the scene of Ty's departure. But by January 2008, long before the Season 1 finale was even edited, CBC had made the decision to greenlight a 2nd season of Heartland, so that cliffhanger ending was included, and it brought viewers back in even larger numbers. Woohoo!

Now this past Sunday was another cliffhanger, which was originally written with the full intention to continue not only what is happening to Amy and Ty, but also all the other storylines that need telling. Cliffhangers are really common in TV series, but I totally get that any disappointment that people felt in not seeing Ty pop the question to Amy is probably amplified by not knowing if there will be another season.

To be honest, we've all been spoiled these past 4 years, since what's happening this year is actually the norm. Generally announcements don't come out until later in the spring concerning which shows are being renewed and what new programs are going to debut in the fall. Even in the United States the big networks have been pretty quiet regarding their fall lineup. What we are experiencing is the way things are usually done in this crazy television industry. And it IS crazy!

Will there be a 6th Season? I really hope so. And the second I am told --one way or the other-- I'll be posting it here for you. And remember, I'll still be posting interesting Heartland stuff for you here every week, so that's two reasons to keep checking back!

Until then just cross your fingers and think positive thoughts!

In the meantime, once again I want to thank you all for your loyalty to Heartland, and I want to write here and now that I will NOT be playing any form of April's Fool Day joke here or on Facebook or Twitter; given the circumstances, that would be too cruel... :D

I'll leave you with a few production shots you haven't seen before, as well as another cool photo of Amy with a horse.

Until next Thursday, this is your friendly neighbourhood Blog Whisper... out!  :)

A cool production shot

A cool production shot

A cool production shot

A cool production shot

A cool production shot