An exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from season 8!

Posted on Jul 10, 2014

When I heard from one of my spies on set that I might be able to get my hands on a clip of a scene being filmed at the Heartland ranch set I thought “Oh Boy!” Then, just for fun, I teased it on Twitter (You know you really should follow the trend of the growing numbers of Heartlanders on Twitter if you have not done so already - So follow the account!), asking for a good number of fans to favorite an evening tweet and in exchange you'd get to see that clip on this week’s blog.

Well, you guys did your part, and so I'm now upholding my end of the bargain.

In the video clip above you'll see director Anne Wheeler (or rather the back of her head; that’s her sitting down at the beginning of the shot) and DOP Craig Wrobleski (standing to her left) as Jack (Shaun Johnston) drives a truck into Heartland with Georgie (Alisha Newton) and Jade (Madison Cheeatow). Amy (Amber Marshall) is walking out to greet the trio, and gets an odd reception.

If nothing else, it proves that yes indeed, Heartland is filming.

Also I have a different group of photos that were all taken yesterday. There's Alisha resting before a scene, Shaun posing with Alberta Culture Minister, the Honourable Heather Klimchuk (who was on set visiting production) and some scenic views of the area in and around the Heartland ranch set, including an angle of the house you have never seen before. I hope you enjoy them.

They (whoever they are) say a picture is worth a thousand words. That means I have 6,000 words worth of photos, PLUS a video clip.

With that in mind there is not much more to say this week. So then I'm going to make this short and sweet by reminding you all to have a great weekend and enjoy this summer of 2014.  I will return next week with both a Time Killer on Tuesday and of course my regular blog next Thursday.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.