Amy! More horsing around please!

Posted on Apr 6, 2017

So here we are, wading through the production-less, new broadcast-less abyss that is better known as the month of April. It won't be all that quiet long, for in twelve days the production office will open and the writers, producer and department heads will start putting their heads together and set in motion the season 11 shoot.

Then, in thirty-three days (count 'em - 33) filming will start on the 176th and 177th episodes of the Heartland saga, better known as episodes 1101 and 1102. When that happens I will be tweeting out news, info and photos from set to prove to everyone that I am indeed not making all of this up.

It will still be a while until Canada gets to watch a new episode, as season 11 will premiere in the fall (September or early October; when I know you will know!) but at least there will be new things happening on the sets and in the offices and studio of television's favourite family series. And I'll be here for all of it - divulging as much content as I can.

Now, I was going over the photos from season 10 and it dawned on me that, except for dream sequences, we never got to see Amy riding a horse. Not just Spartan, but any horse. Of course that was because she was pregnant, but now that Amy & Ty's baby girl made her season 10 finale entrance, we can expect to see Amber Marshall as Amy back in the saddle, both literally and figuratively.

So today I decided to share a collection of photos - 12 in all - of Amy on horseback through the years.

At the top is a production shot from season 5. Then the next seven photos are from the first seven seasons of Heartland, with one photo from each season. Then there are two photos from season 8 and lastly two photos from season 9. There are none from season 10 because... well... you know.

I hope you like them and most importantly, I hope it makes you look forward to season 11, where we once again will see Amy Fleming in her comfort zone riding a horse.

That's all for this week. But I will be back next Thursday to post more news and photos. It's my way of tiding us all through the non-production, non-broadcast time of the year.

In the meanwhile I shall remain, as I always am, obediently yours.