Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle travel to Toronto for a cast appearance at the 2008 Royal Winter Fa

Posted on Nov 21, 2008

Check out what fans were lucky enough to see!

Amber and Graham sign autographs for their fans.

On Sunday November 9, 2008, fans were fortunate enough to meet Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle at the Royal Winter Fair. It was a day packed full of unforgettable moments, and Heartland's blog made sure to capture them all on video and digital camera!

The day kicked off with Amber singing Canada's national anthem to a near capacity crowd at the Royal Rodeo, followed by Graham reciting the Cowboy's Prayer. The two of them were great! The crowd loved them, and showed it by giving them a huge round of applause!

Following the rodeo, Amber and Graham made their way into the main hall for an autograph session. They probably didn't realize just how many fans there would be until they saw the long line of excited and enthusiastic faces eagerly awaiting their arrival! They loved it! They spent over two hours signing Heartland‑themed post cards, posing for pictures, and chatting with everybody! They were so nice and took the time to learn names and find out a little bit about each person. When it was time for them to leave, they got up and said thanks to everyone in line.

Hopefully, fans will get the chance to see Amber and Graham again next year at the Royal Winter Fair. It was a day that won't soon be forgotten!


Graham shares a moment with a lucky fan.

Picture time with a lucky fan!