All-New Photos From Heartland Season 12 Production!

Posted on Sep 27, 2018

Today is the last day of filming outdoors for Heartland Season 12. Tomorrow, production will move into the Calgary studio for two days of interior scenes. After the studio scenes are finished, the filming of Heartland Season 12 will be complete. Then, it's on to post-production where everything gets polished into the episodes you will get to see on CBC in January. Soon we will be able to share an exact date for the premiere. Get ready to start your countdowns!

Speaking of post production, the scenes previously captured for all of the season 12 episodes are currently being assembled. They are in various stages of post production; being edited, getting colour corrected, having sound and the musical score added, acquiring the songs etc. Many special visual effects are also required and the titles and credits also need to be put together in advance of the season launch.

There are a little over three months until new episodes of Heartland will air across Canada on CBC. But that doesn't mean there won't be updates and interesting news and, of course, photos. At the end of this blog, there are a bunch of photos from season 12, none of which have ever been seen before, including the adorable photo at the top of today's blog. It features Amy, played by Amber Marshall, walking her daughter Lyndy, played by Ruby or Emmanuella Spencer.

Enjoy the photos, and come back next Thursday for more, as there are many more wonderful photos where these came from! Also: you never know what news may come up between now and then!