All-New episode this Sunday. Season 10 will be 1/3 done!

Posted on Nov 3, 2016

It never ceases to amaze me how long we agonizingly wait for a new season to begin and then all of a sudden - "poof" - we are a third of the way through the season.

Yes friends and fans, this Sunday's new episode, directed by Pierre Tremblay, from a script by Bonnie Fairweather, is titled, "The Green Eyed Monster," and it is the sixth of eighteen new season 10 episodes.

In it, Amy helps a mounted archer reconnect with her horse, and through that process she also unravels the mystery behind Spartan’s recent behavior. Meanwhile, Georgie is keen to tackle an exciting new challenge but her relationship with Adam is tested when he finds her spending time with another guy, even though we all know it is just one big communication mix up.

Hoping they will finally have a chance to talk, Lou is surprised by Mitch’s reaction when she unexpectedly descends on his solo fishing trip. And when Lisa accidentally throws out the key to his famous stew, Jack grows increasingly frustrated trying to recreate the recipe. Oh, and Amy gets to see first hand how some people believe a woman is useless while she is pregnant. We don't see Amy mad too often, but it's always fun to see her assert herself, no?

As usual, there is something for everyone, even Ty Borden fans who are all missing him as he is off on his Mongolian adventure. I would like to tell you a little about that to clear up a few misconceptions.

With all the interest in Ty's trip to Mongolia. I'd like to take some time to fill you all in. In case you haven't heard, Ty fulfilled Georgie's request at the end of episode 1004 and started his own website to keep everyone back home informed of everything he's up to. You can find it all at He'll be posting videos and pictures throughout his trip. He's also sending pictures and videos to Georgie and she's sharing them on her Instagram account.

Now, to answer some other questions I've been getting - Yes, Graham Wardle went to Mongolia on behalf of the show, so the pictures and videos you've seen, including the video call from Mongolia in episode 1005 are straight from Mongolia. But, I'm sure you'd rather hear it from the source himself now wouldn't you? You may get to! There is a good chance Graham will be going live on Facebook in the near future, so keep checking Facebook and Twitter for details. I know many of you will have questions for him.

In other news, our DVD Giveaway Contest with Entertainment One was a big success, as thousands of you entered to win one of 7 season 9 Heartland DVD sets, which are now available in stores and on Amazon. And two of those winners also are receiving the complete sets of all nine seasons of Heartland. I smell a couple of binge viewings!

At the moment I am having a little trouble contacting all the season 9 DVD winners, but I can tell you the grand prize winners of all 9 seasons are Pam Cochrane of Salisbury, New Brunswick and Crystal Seegerts of Black Lake, Saskatchewan. Congratulations! I'll list the other winners in an upcoming blog once I have contacted them.

So that's all this Thursday - short and sweet, because it is a Heartland Sunday in three short days on Sunday, November 6 on CBC. How great is that? I've attached ten photos again from this Sunday's episode; here's hoping you enjoy them.

Me? I will be back next Thursday with more photos and news from the following Sunday's new episode of television's favourite family drama. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.