ALL-NEW episode Sunday March 6

Posted on Mar 3, 2016

Last week I answered a lot of questions, and there was only one solitary photo on the blog, which is rare.

No epic prose or scarce image oddities this week and I have eight additional photos from this Sunday's NEW episode 916, the third from the last episode of season 9.

The next episode is titled "Pandora's Box." It was written by Ken Craw and directed by Stefan Scaini and there are, as there often are, four strong storylines within the episode.

In it, Lou finds herself trapped at the Dude Ranch with Mitch, the new ranch hand, and they both reveal the circumstances of their recent pasts. And yes, Ty is back from visiting his mom. As you will see in the preview I'll put up tomorrow, he is helping Amy treat a client horse. However, he is somewhat preoccupied and feeling conflicted about opening a mysterious package his mother gave him that has ties to his troubled past. Jack and Lisa cope with a health scare. Meanwhile Georgie and Adam deal with the fallout from Adam’s kiss with another girl. You know... Olivia.

It's a lot for an hour, but that's a good thing, because being a family drama, Heartland needs a lot to keep all its fans engaged.

So that's the next NEW episode of Heartland - this Sunday, March 6 at 7:00pm across Canada (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

Speaking of keeping fans engaged, Alisha Newton did a great job of that last night, overcoming her sniffles to run a cool Periscope session. Many of you were able to catch it, so we should do a couple more, no?

I will give you two tentative dates for the next Periscope sessions - Amber Marshall will be up and running on Wednesday the 16th, while Alisha will be back the following day, on Thursday the 17th. Now these are 92.5% confirmed, but follow us on Twitter to get both the times well ahead of the session and on the day the links to the Periscope session as soon as it begins. These sessions are lots of fun; you'll have a chance to ask a question ahead of time as well as during the session. Stay tuned.

One question asked last night was, "Is there going to be a season 10?" I have the same answer - we are all hopeful, and a decision will be made very soon. Will we know before the current season ends on March 20? I would have to think we will. Crossed fingers, Heartlanders!

So that's it from your faithful Blog Whisperer this Thursday. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy "Pandora's Box" on Sunday and I will be back next week with photos and a description of the following week's NEW episode.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.