Heartland Star Alisha Newton reviews CBC’s new doc, Equus: Story of the Horse

Posted on Sep 22, 2018

By: Alisha Newton - “Georgie Fleming Morris” on CBC’s hit family drama Heartland
Heartland Season 12 premieres in winter 2019 on CBC, the CBC TV streaming app and cbc.ca/watch

Equus: The Story of the Horse presents these elegant animals in their true magnificence, as Niobe Thompson and his team travel across the world, exploring the horse’s history and beauty. The breathtaking cinematography of this three-part series brings compelling stories to life, displaying the true bond between man and horse.

As Niobe Thompson begins his journey, the series follows the story of equine evolution, exploring the science and beauty behind these extraordinary animals. Through this, we learn that not only are equines an influential factor in the development of human societies and civilizations but personally, after working with horses for most of my life, I can confidently state that this film exceeds expectations in presenting the stunning horse-human bond. Without these interactions, history could be drastically different. As Niobe takes the viewers back in time to meet the first horse, the series explores what made these animals such powerful companions. The striking science behind the biomechanics and evolution of these unique animals are what makes this a ‘must-watch.’ I believe Equus: Story of the Horse investigates every aspect of what makes horses such breathtaking and advanced animals.

Don't miss Equus: Story of the Horse, Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 8 PM on CBC.