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A word ladder… with a twist!

Posted on Jun 24, 2014

So I'm thinking that wherever possible I should come up with as many different types of Time Killers as I can as we surge through summer towards the still yet unknown date of Heartland’s season 8 premiere. The phrase coined is the Wait for Eight and if these Tuesday Time Killers can take your mind off of - even for a little while - the fact that we still have over three months to wait until we find out what went on in Europe (!) then my mission will have been accomplished.

Last week’s edition was a very popular and admittedly a very silly one, with word and thought balloons needed to be filled in. Some of you are very funny/clever and if you have not read the comments, do so when you need cheering up, by clicking on the link here.

This week? I've crafted a Heartland themed word ladder with a major twist, which I call the Last 2 = First 2 quiz.

Know that the last two letters of the answer to any rung of this ladder will be the first two letters of the next rung. So if the clue was “Has 88 black and white keys” the answer would be PIANO, and you would then know that the answer to the following rung starts with the letters “NO.” All rungs of the ladder are designed the same way.

So then, have fun! The answers can be words, names or places, and in some cases more than one word, as in a phrase or a person’s full name. Have at ‘er, Heartlanders. Answers will be posted next week.

The younger Fleming daughter.

A Southeast Asian starling (5 letters).

Who Amy left for Europe with.

To teach.

What BW often does in the blog with clues.

To look for.

Mr. Powers.

The opposite of few.

The other type of snow skiing besides Nordic.

A sound a horse makes.

The white Appaloosa Ty saw in season 2.

Another word for tale.

A hardy cereal grass.

365 days or 52 weeks.

A written piece in a magazine.

The heaviest non-radioactive element.

An upper hand.

Miss Crawley's first name.

Enid Bagnold's famous horse novel.

Latin for 'and other things'.

What Heartland is.

Things we have to do.

To set up.

Behind an object facing direct sunlight.


Helpful or serviceable.

Undisclosed, hidden or covert.

Heart, lung or brain.

Ships drop this at port.

Best known fruit that is also a colour.

Pinocchio's dad.

Where CBC has its head office.


Small box-shaped frozen water.

Beauty's partner.

Boil water and it changes to this.

Plays Amy on Heartland (2 words).

A new animal on Heartland this season.

A female horse.

Washrooms/info just off highways (2 words).

Use this to free contents of a tin can.

To remove, cause to vanish.

To look for.

A small lizard that can change colour.

Start of many tales (4 words).

An experienced and trusted advisor.

Japanese art of paper folding.

First name of actress playing Lou Fleming.


With jacket and pants, part of a 3-piece suit.

Surname of actress playing Lisa on Heartland.

Other style of riding besides Western.

What the sun will always do.

Close by.

A painter, actor or musician is called this.

What you do at a red light.

It is said this only knocks once.

Graham Wardle's best known role.