A tried and true challenge for a brisk Tuesday afternoon

Posted on Feb 3, 2015

Well, there's no new Heartland this Sunday (The next will be in 2 weeks time, on February 15) so that means another time killer today.

I've gone back to one of the old tried and true puzzles - a 4 letter word ladder, where 3 of the letters of a word remain exactly as they are and the 4th letter is replaced to form a new word that matches the corresponding clue.

This one does have a Heartland theme. Appropriately it has to do with marriage.

So have at 'er! I hope you have fun and I'll be back with my regular blog on Thursday. 


   Someone married on Heartland

   Not the front

   You do this in the sun

   A more serious word for 'chore'

   Found on elephants and wild boars

   Put in a small, close, or concealing place

   What you do when a golfer yells "fore"

   A wooden patio

   Where your computer sits at work

   A Flat thin round object

   The board game of world domination

   What you & the sun do each morning

   American Beauty is a type of this

   Hold still for a photographer

   With Canada, how we mail letters

   Anything that bugs you can be this

   The coat of a fur bearing animal

   Ice cream will do this in the sun

   Sprouted grain, used in brewing

   A group of shops inside a common area

   Between summer and winter

   Grades of 'D', 'E' and 'F' result in this

   Just and honest

   You probably have this on your head

   Twins, headlights, scissors, etc.

   You can get a receipt once you've done this

   He ________ She ________

   Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

   Sea, table or bath are types of this

   Fine particles between sand and clay

   Found at the bottom of a window

   You should have one of these done when you die

   Cut flowers do this after a few days

   Handle of a weapon, like a dagger

   Smaller than a mountain

   Corridor that leads to rooms

   Strong and healthy

   Each golf green has a flag in this

   A tool of the trade of firefighting

   What the Seahawks did 2 days ago

   Tonto's companion ranger was this

   Panel game show 1950-75; What's My ________

   A light wood. Also the new Capt. Kirk

   A sweet pineapple cocktail ________ Colada

   Where the most famous tower leans

   Someone married on Heartland