A season 8 guest star revealed and a few photogenic shots of the ranch

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

How time flies! Right now Heartland’s 8th season has 6 full episodes filmed, and as you read this, is filming 2 more while at the production office episodes 809 and 810 are being prepped to start filming in three weeks. Because this season has 18 episodes, that means we'll soon be half way through the production of season 8!!!

With this realization comes the good news that we're that much closer to the season 8 premiere on CBC. I still don’t have a firm date yet, but more and more I'm guessing it could be the last Sunday in September or the first Sunday in October.... if history is any indication, there's a chance it could be around that time. But that’s just me guessing. You know what’s coming next, right? As soon as I know I'll shout it from this blog’s rooftop and let everyone know (Patience dear Heartlanders).

This week a 9-member crew from Atlanta-based UP-tv was on set, filming interviews and promos for their upcoming episodes which air on Wednesday nights. I put up a few Vines showing some of the interviews in progress and it sure looked like everyone - cast and the UP crew - was having a good time.

Someone asked why UP-tv is filming separate promos and why could they not just use the CBC’s promos. A good question and it deserves a good answer.

Each television network has a unique style of marketing and branding their shows. It’s a way to help promote themselves as well as their programs. It's nice to know that the exclusive American broadcaster of Heartland cares enough to fly up and take the time to shoot the footage they're getting. This way the cast will be able to address Heartland’s US fans with short clips telling America to watch Heartland on Wednesday evenings. This will only help build the audience for television’s favourite series in the US, and that can only be a good thing, no?

I still get a lot of questions from fans who would like to act on Heartland. Once again I'll point out that everyone with a speaking role on the series is a professional actor. It's very fine skill to be an actor, and the producers of Heartland want the best that can be found.

On that note, everyone is pretty chuffed that this current block being filmed has Keegan Connor Tracy guest starring in episode 808. Keegan is well known for her roles on Bates Motel and on Once Upon a Time, where she plays the dual roles of Mother Superior and the Blue Fairy. What she plays in Heartland will be revealed in good time. Speaking of Once Upon a Time, which in the past has run on Sunday nights at 7:00pm against Heartland, I've heard their show time is changing this fall, and it'll apparently now be on television at 8:00pm. That means for you who like both shows you wont' have to PVR one of them.

Boy, I'd like to tell you who the guest stars on 809 and 810 are but I can’t; at least not just quite yet. I can’t even tell you what the titles of the two episodes are but I'm hoping to be able to do so within a week or two. I CAN tell you that Dean Bennett came into the production office on Monday and he is really looking forward to directing these two scripts, which were both written by Heartland’s Showrunner, Heather Conkie. After reading them I can tell you he should be looking forward to them; they're going to be excellent episodes.

So I don’t have a lot more, other than to do my Blog Whisperer thing and ask you to be safe while you are having fun this summer. If I can do it you can do it! I’ll leave you with a few photos all taken yesterday on set. The first is of Heartland’s Peter - Gabriel Hogan - being interviewed by UP-tv. The others were all taken within 50 meters of where the first photo was shot. And yes, Canada Geese have discovered the pond!

You must admit, the area around Heartland is beautiful... and incredibly photogenic!

So that’s it for me. I will be back on Tuesday with a new Time Killer, and of course back one week from today with more whispering words of wisdom.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.