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Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Today I have a bunch of items I'd like to touch upon. There is some good news, some indifferent news and some interesting news. Being as I know how open minded and devoted Heartland fans are, I think I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

1) First, a little trumpet blowing about the 42nd Alberta Film & Television Awards finalists, which were announced yesterday.

Heartland landed a total of 9 nominations, more than any other Calgary based production.

Before I list the nominees, which can be seen in their entirety at http://ampia.org I need to point out that to be eligible for an award (nicknamed a Rosie) a cast or crew member has to be n Albertan.

So then, the 9 nominations for television's favourite family drama are as follows...

  • Best Dramatic Series: Tom Cox and Jordy Randall, Producers for SEVEN24/Films
  • Best Performance by an Alberta Actress: Amber Marshall for "Written in Stone" (Episode 818)
  • Best Performance by an Alberta Actor: Shaun Johnston for "Ties of the Earth" (Episode 904).
  • Best Director (Drama Over 30 Minutes): Dean Bennett for "Ties of the Earth" (Episode 904)
  • Best Cinematographer (Drama Over 30 Minutes): Craig Wrobleski for "Darkness Before Dawn" (Episode 910)
  • Best Screenwriter (Drama Over 30 Minutes): Mark Haroun for "All I want is You" (Episode 917)
  • Best Editor (Drama Over 30 Minutes): Ken Filewych for "Darkness Before Dawn" (Episode 910)
  • Best Overall Sound (Drama Over 30 Minutes): George Tarrant, Jesse Sanderson and Les Pahl for "Riding for a Fall" (Episode 903)
  • Best Digital or Interactive Project: Scott Lepp and Jordy Randall, Producers for SEVEN24/Films.

The Rosie awards will be handed out on Saturday, May 7 (two days before principal photography begins on season 10) in downtown Calgary in the Imperial Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency. It should be a fun evening.

2) Now, another little bit of news. Andrew Bako, the photographer who has taken all the still photos on Heartland since day one, has shot a lot of brilliant images that not many people have seen, so,I have decided that every Thursday until season 10 premieres in the fall this blog will feature at least one great photo you have never seen before.

That starts today, with the photo at the top of this blog of Amber as Amy riding Caleb's horse. I really like this one and I hope you do as well. I'll have new (to you) photos each week in here. I hope you like that idea!

3) Although filming starts May 9, the production office will be opening in four days, on April 18. So next week I should be able to get some more info about the upcoming season.

4) Yesterday on Facebook I put up a Netflix Primer, as it relates to Heartland. If you have any questions regarding Netflix, check that post out here.

5) Now, finally I want to touch upon the Fan of the Month (FOTM), which is awarded the first Wednesday of every month. A lot of you ask, "What is the Fan of the Month," and "How can I become the Fan of the Month?" I went into detail on Facebook, when we awarded our April, 2016 FOTM (Hey, Sheila!) but I am going to repost it here, so everyone has a good idea before my big punchline...


While some department stores and supermarkets offer special deals on certain days of the month, we at Heartland have been naming a "Fan of the Month" on the first Wednesday of every month, and we shall continue to do so for the run of the series! (All together now - NICE!!!)

I notice a lot of you wrote on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog page, asking how one becomes a fan of the month. The answer is both simple and complicated. There are a few folks at the CBC and also myself who are always monitoring what Heartlanders post on all our social media pages. Some of you are really dedicated to the series, answering other fans' questions and posting interesting things. Others share information and photos that appeal to both us and other fans. Some of you do drawings and make montages and other forms of artwork. This is done because you love the series, not because you wish to be named "Fan of the Month." However, we felt a little recognition is never a bad thing and so we note down the more active fans and those who do special things on these pages. From those we select a FOTM who will receive a little something, and as I mentioned earlier, we shall continue to do so. It's a little way of saying thanks to the great fans of this series.


And now the punchline...

I would like anyone who thinks they should be a FOTM to post in the comments below WHY they should be. Tell us what makes you a superfan of Heartland. It might be something that I have not noticed on Heartland's social media pages, or it may be one gigantic thing that is so cool you might qualify. Whatever it is, if you think you should be a Heartland Fan of the Month, please write why in the comments section below. I will be reading these (and analyzing each submission) VERY carefully, and who knows? There may be a few future FOTMs resulting from this.

That's it for me. I didn't think this would take as long as it did, so that's why this is up a little late today, but as everyone says... "Better late than never." Right?

I'll be back next week with more for y'all. That's just the way I am. In the meantime I remain - as always - obediently yours.