A New Heartland Season 12 Episode This Sunday!

Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Another ALL-NEW episode of Heartland is coming to CBC Television this weekend! The episode, titled,  "Just Breathe" was written by Ken Craw and directed by Megan Follows. What do you think a title like that could mean? Here are a few hints:

In the new episode, Ty (Graham Wardle) is asked to mentor a troubled kid (newcomer Lucian-River Chauhan), but finding common ground proves harder than he expected. Meanwhile, Lou (Michelle Morgan) organizes a horse yoga retreat at the Dude Ranch, but she is taken by surprise when she learns who the instructor (guest star Shiva Negar) is and this subsequently leads to hijinks between Georgie (Alisha Newton) and Wyatt (Dempsey Bryk). And as Amy (Amber Marshall) works with a restless yoga horse she learns the real reason her dad (Chris Potter) is so keen on helping Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Ty build a treehouse for Lyndy (Ruby/Emmanuella Spencer).

It's a fun-filled episode you won't want to miss. Catch it this Sunday!

In other Heartland news, if you are in the greater Toronto area this Saturday, Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle are going to be in downtown Toronto, at CBC for the CBC Superfun Superfan Weekend. Admission is FREE but anyone who goes needs to reserve a ticket in order to attend the Q & A with the popular stars of the series. Details can be found at CBCsuperfan.ca.

Come to the fan weekend if you can but, if not, there will still be a NEW episode of Heartland coming your way. Stream it on CBC Gem and watch on CBC Television starting at 7/7:30NT on Sunday. It's going to be an exciting episode and below are some photos taken during production that will give you some idea of what to expect.

Next Thursday's blog will focus on the fourth new Heartland episode of season 12, ep 1204. It will premiere on January 27. Until then, have a great week!