A Heartland Report Card

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

As school winds down for a lot of children across Canada I think it's time for a real quick report card, grading the Heartland fan base.

Let's see now... I think all of you deserve an 'A'. (That was quick!) Here's why!

Most of you are aware that Heartland is currently filming its 9th season in the Calgary/High River/Millarville area. Today is the 23rd day of production as episodes 903 and 904 are being filmed.

It's amazing the number of you who are following production's tweets from set. Each day there are references to who is on set, what is being filmed and other odds and ends from the world of Heartland production that you might find interesting.

Earlier today there was a video of Ray Breckenridge, Heartland's Head Wrangler, talking about Stormy, the horse who plays Spartan.

If you are not one of the nearly 70,000 fans who follow Heartland on CBC you might want to do so; it's a great source for info about television's favourite family drama. Follow Heartland on Twitter

Over on Facebook there are over 225,000 fans and on the page longer pieces of news and info gets added. If you are an avid Heartlander you will want to like us there as well. Like Heartland on Facebook

And I am always amazed at the number of hits this blog gets. Over the year millions of fans have looked this page up to follow Heartland goings-on. When I posted that we needed fans to be background extras the response was overwhelming.

And lastly, the very fact that Heartland is going into its ninth season says a lot; it says that there is a strong, dedicated group of followers who love the show.

No matter how good a show is it has to have fans and so many of you have stuck by this show. Therefore I really have no choice but to give you all a big fat 'A' for a score.

Really now - who would disagree?

As for the day of extras (now next Wednesday the 24th), yesterday it poured at the location where we are filming, so it was indeed a wise decision to move the date down one week.

If you have been selected you will receive a map and instructions on Monday. Production may be adding a few more people to the list before then, but please do not reapply; there are already way more applying than can be accommodated on the day.

No photos for you today, but I do have a video, supplied by Heartland's Interactive Producer, Scott Lepp.

Recently he joined producer Jamie Paul Rock and a camera crew from production and they drove to Innisfail, Alberta where a black bear was waiting to be filmed for a scene you will see in an early episode of season 9. In Innisfail there is a wildlife reserve and the bear was more than willing to be in the series.

You'll also see lion cubs and a beautiful tiger; they will not be in Heartland. At least, not yet! Heh heh.

So enjoy the video and get ready for summer; it's just around the corner. I'll be back next week with more news for you. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.