A Canada Day Time Killer challenge for you!

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

July is one wacky month. In addition to being home to National Blueberry Month, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, National Hot Dog Month and National Ice Cream Month, it's also National Anti-Boredom Month (I'm not making this up; if I was it'd be a lot funnier!). And that last one is exactly what my Tuesday Time Killers are designed to combat - boredom, as we ride the Wait for Eight wave to the premiere of Heartland's next season in the fall.

Many countries have their national holiday in July. In France it's July 14 (Bastille Day) and in the United States it's July 4 (Independence Day).

In Canada - the proud home of Heartland - it's July 1 - Canada Day.

I was looking at the dozens of countries Heartlanders live in (the series is licensed in 119 countries) and I thought, "Why not have a 20-question Canada Day quiz to see how much everyone knows about our country?"

It'll also be a good primer for our home grown Canadian fans who may not know the answers to all of these without looking them up.

Anyway - that's always the purpose of your favourite Blog Whisperer's posts - to entertain and educate.

So Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope you have both a great day and a fun time solving the following...

1) It's Canada's 147th birthday, but Alberta (where Heartland is filmed) did not become a province and join confederation until what year?

2) Alberta was not the only territory to become a province that year. What other province joined confederation the same year as Alberta?

3) Alberta and the answer to question 2 were the 8th and 9th provinces. What was the 10th and final province to become a part of Canada, and in what year did that take place?

4) There are a few living symbols that cry out 'Canada'; the beaver and the moose are both found in large numbers in Alberta. However, probably the living thing that produces the most recognized symbol of Canada is not indigenous to Alberta. What is it?

5) In 1999 the Territory of Nunavut was created in northern Canada. Their automobile license plates used to be in the shape of what animal?

6) The world's first UFO landing pad was built in Alberta in 1967. In what community was it built?

7) The Latin phrase, "A Mari Usque Ad Mare" is part of the Canadian coat of arms. What does it translate to in English?

8) Located in Canada, what is the only town in the world with two exclamation marks in its name?

9) In 1962, Pincher Creek, Alberta experienced the fastest, biggest temperature change ever recorded in Canada as a result of a Chinook (a warm, dry wind that comes off the Rocky Mountains). In just one hour the temperature rose how many degrees?

10) A. A. Milne was inspired to write Winnie the Pooh by a bear in the London Zoo named after what Canadian city?

11) A simple true or false: Canada has more lakes than every other country in the world combined. True or False?

12) In 1994 the National Sports Act declared what two sports as the national sports of Canada?

13) How many different named hockey teams from Montreal have won the Stanley Cup?

14) On February 3, 1947, the record-low temperature for continental North America (−63.9 °C -83.0°F) was recorded where in Canada?

15) What is the only official bilingual (French and English) province in Canada?

16) What is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world?

17) Where does Canada rank in the world in countries' area size?

18) What is the Provincial Bird of Alberta?

19) Who is the only Canadian to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

20) Millarville, where the Heartland Ranch set is located, an unincorporated hamlet. As such, it does not have a mayor. What does it have instead?

As for last week's word ladder, where the last two letters of one word were the first two letters of the following word, here are the answers; congratulations to Rachel Rasmussen for being the first to get them all correct.

Amy, Mynah, Ahmed, Educate, Tease, Search, Chase, Several, Alpine, Neigh, Ghost, Story, Rye, Year, Article, Lead, Advantage, Georgina, National Velvet, Etcetera, Ranch, Chores, Establish, Shade, Delicious, Useful, Ulterior, Organ, Anchor, Orange, Geppetto, Toronto, Toxic, Ice Cube, Beast, Steam, Amber Marshall, Llama, Mare, Rest Stop, Opener, Erase, Search, Chameleon, Once Upon A Time, Mentor, Origami, Michelle, Leave, Vest, Steen, English, Shine, Near, Artist, Stop, Opportunity, Ty.