Posted on Sep 7, 2017

Tick... tick... tick...

That's the sweet sound of time counting down to September 24, when the longest running one-hour drama in Canadian television history launches its 11th season on CBC. That series, of course, is Heartland!

The 11th season of Heartland is going to offer some surprises, some thrills, some action, some romance, some adventure, a new generation in the shape of Amy & Ty's adorable new daughter (whose name will be revealed in the premiere episode) and of course horses. Lots of horses, both new and returning.

You know, I still marvel at how so many cast members have remained with the series. As I have pointed out in past blogs, many long running series undergo several cast departures over the course of their runs, but with the exception of Jessica Amlee, who played Mallory, all of the primary cast are still in the series.

Incidentally, Jessica- who moved to California to pursue her education and career, was in Israel last year as part of the cast of a new Netflix series, "Greenhouse Academy." That series will be debuting in some countries this Friday.

Anyway, the other thing I marvel at, and this is not just related to Heartland, is the speed at which time passes. So many fan comments over the summer touched upon how it is hard to wait for new episodes to begin. I totally understand the sentiment. But we all do wait, don't we? Just as we wait for holidays or school to start or anything else. And now Canada, we have 17 (yes, seventeen) sleeps to go until Sunday, September 24.

The photos I have posted today do not have any actors in them, but they were shot on location during the first block of season 11 by stills photographer Andrew Bako. Starting next week I should have some photos from the premiere episode. Beyond that, we will be updating the look of this page, and of our other social media pages, to reflect the upcoming eleventh season. I think you are going to enjoy everything leading up to the launch of the new episodes.

Today approximately 300 fans are playing the part of extras at a location Heartland has never had extras at before. They will be a crowd watching a show jumping competition that Georgie (Alisha Newton) will be competing in. These scenes will take place in episode 1110, which will air in January on CBC.

For new fans - There are eighteen episodes in season 11, and new episodes only premiere on CBC across Canada on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm, with the episodes starting in the province of Newfoundland at 7:30pm. All other foreign markets will not see this season until it has finished in its entirety in Canada, which will be in April, 2018. Now because that is a six-month period there are going to be some weeks when there is no new Heartland episode on CBC, due to competing programs that no one would air a new episode against, holiday programming in December and the Olympic Games, which the network is broadcasting in 2018.

So the best way to keep track of when episodes are coming is to visit this blog every Thursday and I will announce when new episodes will be airing. If there will be a new episode, I will share a series of preview photographs and reveal a bit about the upcoming episode. If there is not going to be a new episode I will attempt to entertain and educate you. It's what I have been doing every Thursday without fail for years now. And I am happy to do so.

So that's it for me this week. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend, having fun and playing safe. I will do the same.

And remember, let's all remain patient because next Thursday I will return with a new blog and we will be a mere ten days away from the season premiere. Until then I will remain, as always, obediently yours.