11th Season, 11th Episode This Sunday!

Posted on Jan 11, 2018

In three days it’ll be the second Sunday of January and with it comes a NEW episode of Heartland on CBC. The episode is titled “Somewhere in Between,” and I’m giving this a BW guarantee that you will enjoy it.

Directed by Rachel Leiterman from a script by Mark Haroun, this Sunday’s episode is going to be a Heartland hour of fun. There’s a little drama, but nothing like what our characters experienced during the past two episodes.

Now before I talk about this Sunday’s episode I want to make sure everyone understands what episode we are on, for there is a fair amount of confusion due to some errors in programming schedules for the last two episodes. On December 5, 2017 CBC aired episode 1109 (season 11, episode 9) for the first time. Then, last Sunday – January 7, 2018 – the follow-up episode, 1110 (season 11, episode 10) aired for the first time on CBC. Don’t ask me why, but in guides across the country episode 1110 was listed with a previously aired date of December 10, which prevented PVRs set to record new episodes from doing so.

The good news, Canada, is that you can still watch all episodes of season 11, including 1109 and 1110, on the CBC Player, which can be found by clicking on ‘EPISODES’ on the menu bar above.

Let me now turn to this Sunday’s new episode: 1111 (Trivia side bar: this is the first episode since season 1, episode 11 (111) where only one digit is needed to identify an episode. And it will be the last one as well, for there will not be an episode 2222).

In “Somewhere in Between,” Tim is forced to open up when an emergency traps him with an unexpected visitor, and he is forced to examine his feelings for Casey. Amy is hired to work with Oliver, a former racehorse in need of a new owner. That’s Amy riding Oliver in the photos accompanying today’s post.

Meanwhile, Georgie has trouble deciding who to trust when Wyatt shows up and warns her of a possible betrayal. And Jack steps way out of his comfort zone – or as he says, “wheelhouse,” to support Lisa, but trouble arises when her ex-husband Dan Hartfield makes an appearance.

These accompanying 13 photos follow a couple of the storylines in Sunday’s episode. I cannot tell you everything (I won’t be known as a spoiler BW) but I shall put a few minds at rest now. What you do not see in these photos is Ty and Tim. I’m here to let you know that both guys are in this episode big time, and you will see this by watching tomorrow’s first look.

Also, the English competition seen in the preview has some fans concerned about what the Hudson Hunt Club is up to. Don’t be alarmed. It has really nothing to do with hunting; no more dangerous to any animal than an Easter egg hunt would be.

And we always get lots of requests for the key song which usually plays over the end credits. So I will answer that ahead of time (again; I did so last week as well) and tell you that the most appropriate song at the end of Sunday’s episode is “Grace,” performed by Rose Cousins. You can also listen to most of the music from the entire Heartland series on our CBC Music stream.

One last thing. For the longest time I have put up a “What did you think of tonight’s episode” post on our official Heartland on CBC Facebook page. It usually has gone up close to when fans in the Atlantic and Newfoundland time zones were finishing watching the new episode.

We are still going to put up that post, only it will originate right here on this page, and then it will be shared across our other media platforms. So still feel free to comment, but know that if you read those comments there will be plot spoilers so hold off until you have seen Sunday’s new episode.

And that episode is, as detailed above, “Somewhere in Between.” It premieres in three days, on Sunday, January 14 across Canada at 7:00pm, and in Newfoundland at 7:30pm. Enjoy! 

That’s it for today. I hope your January is going well. There's nothing like new Heartland episodes every Sunday in January to balance out how chilly it is outside, huh?
So I’ll be back next Thursday to preview another new Heartland episode. Until then I shall remain, as always, obediently yours.