10 Days to Season 11

Posted on Sep 14, 2017

We are a mere ten days until September 24, when season 11 will be launched across Canada with the first of 18 new episodes. At 7:00pm on Sunday, September 24, the Season 11 premiere - episode 1101 - will be broadcast on CBC for all of Canada to watch. "Finally," some of you may be saying.

I thought that this year I would do something a little different. Because in three days' time, on Sunday, September 17, the season 10 finale will repeat in Heartland's regular timeslot (Never hurts to repeat - Sunday on CBC at 7:00pm / 7:30pm in Newfoundland)

I thought I would use today's blog to set up that episode, almost as if it never aired before. Starting next week I will start doing the same thing for each and every new episode of season 11.


This Sunday is the conclusion of season 10. The episode, called "Greater Expectations," was directed by Dean Bennett from a script by Heather Conkie.

In it, Amy, Ty, and the entire Heartland family are thrilled to welcome a new member into the fold. Meanwhile, the ghost horse returns and Amy disagrees with Georgie’s plan to capture and gentle him. Then, Lou changes her mind about a business deal but not before Mitch makes a surprising choice. And hoping to impress Cass’s parents, Caleb asks a reluctant Tim for a full-time job. Caleb and Cassandra are set to get married, but Ty has been asked to stay in the hospital, so Caleb gets a bit creative, which does pay side dividends in his dealings with Tim.

Yes, we know everyone loved how this one unfolded. I hope you can watch it again, or if you are a recent follower of the longest-running one-hour drama in Canadian television history, I hope you can watch it for the first time.

One thing is certain - this episode sets up next week's wonderful season premiere and I will be back next week to tell you about it. In fact, there may be an additional promo for season 11 during the repeat broadcast of 1018.

This week I have dug up some photos from 1018 you have never seen before. Some of these are of the spoiler variety, but for the die-hard, regular fans of the series I know you won't mind.

You'll notice I have put up 11 photos, as I often did last season. This way I hope the powers that be subconsciously have the number "11" register in their brains and they will be encouraged to give Heartland an eleventh... oh. Wait a minute, that already worked. Hmmm. Never mind!

So then... enjoy the season 10 finale this Sunday and come back to this page one week from today, when I will tell you a lot about season 11's September 24 premiere. In the meantime, as we tick... tick... tick... merrily along, I remain - as always - obediently yours.