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Running through cancer

Well, spring has sprung and the marathon season has begun.

For some of us, it means an end to a particularly long winter of running in the snow and cold in hopes of putting in a pretty decent effort over some 42.2-kilometre course. For others it means overcoming some pretty incredible obstacles.

Last weekend, one of the regulars with my Sunday morning running group said her training hadn't been going particularly well — and she was thinking of dropping out of the Boston Marathon, coming up on Apr. 21.

"I made the mistake of asking Derm for his advice," she said. "Now I gotta run it."

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Sometimes thirst is just thirst

This hydration thing — maybe I've been taking it a little too seriously.

Like a lot of people, I make sure I take in a lot of water. The cbc.ca mug on my desk is almost always in the process of being drained of fluid.

There are two trails worn into the carpet that lead to and from my desk. One goes to the water cooler. The other points — as my father used to say — to my other office, down the hall.

I probably spend more time there in a day than most smokers spend hanging around 10 metres from the entrances to the CBC building getting their fix.

It's old news that people don't necessarily need eight glasses of water a day to remain hydrated. Now, a new study suggests there's little solid evidence backing the supposed health benefits of drinking lots of water.

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