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Live from the Toronto Waterfront Marathon

This is my 16th marathon, but my first while blogging from the course using a Bluetooth headset.

It's also the first time that a Canadian marathon will be broadcast live from start to finish — on CBC Country Canada and on CBCSports.ca.

It could also prove to be the fastest marathon ever run on Canadian soil. A strong men's elite pack will pose a serious challenge to the current mark of 2:09:55. The women's mark of 2:26:01 could fall as well — three of the elite women have posted times either under or just over that mark.

And while that's unfolding, I'll follow a pace rabbit, a guy whose job is to bring in runners at a time of three hours and 30 minutes, which is good enough for any woman — and any man 45 or older — to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Maybe not the drama of the elites chasing big prize money — but still drama on some level.

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Waterfront blogger

I'm beginning to relate to the looks Michal Kapral must get when he prepares for a marathon.

Kapral — a.k.a. The Joggler — gets in most of his training by running home from work at his downtown Toronto office. He's quite a sight in those reserved bicycle lanes — running while juggling three balls.

Kapral is trying to regain the world record for joggling — running a marathon while juggling. He'll make his attempt at this weekend's Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

The current record is 2:52:15, a time that would put him in the top two per cent of all marathoners. He'll need to run at a pace of around four minutes and five seconds per kilometre to make it.

I'll be running that race, too. But without the balls.

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On magnets and holy water

So we may be throwing our money away if we buy those magnets that are supposed to ease our aches and pains.

According to a study published in the latest Canadian Medical Association Journal, the "evidence does not support the use of static magnets for pain relief."

Nobody told that to one of the pitchers in last Friday night's baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

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